Monday, September 19, 2011

Why do I always get stuck with the weird ones?

I have two T.A.s on my prep period.  They are the techie kids who make video Public Service Announcements for the school.  They do some awesome animations and also help with the school’s website.  They are also weird as can be.

Today I had to go talk to the principal and left them alone for a little while.  When I came back the were nowhere to be seen.  I walked over to my desk and when I walked around it into my little work area I found this:

He had the other T.A. tape his hands and his mouth to look like a kidnap victim.  (With painter’s tape, not really the thing to use to secure someone.)  The other one then locked himself in the closet.

I guess they were looking for a reaction, but I just said “wait a sec” and pulled out my cell phone to take a picture.    Anti-climactic, and to think he had laid there for 15 full minutes waiting for me to get back.  Ah well, at least I got a good laugh out of it.  And then this one had to encourage me to go looking for the other one. I figured when it was time for lunch he’d show himself.


Lisa Shafer said...

Obviously, he punished himself for this stunt.
I am amused.

Karen S. said...

For a second I thought they were giving you a C.S.I. epidsode! You gotta love their great spirit though!

Max said...

Writer - Unfortunately I can understand the concept. I've gone pretty far for some practical jokes in my time. And dragged a few people with me. But, as you, I was amused.
Karen - Even though from the title you wouldn't think so, I really do like the weird ones. They can be so amusing.

Karen S. said...

So true! They sure are a day brighener....enjoy your evening there as well! Meeting parents has to be well, interesting too!..and will you be dining on veggies??? !

Max said...

For the most part, I've always found meeting the parents a good thing. Tiring though, talking all day long to the students and then 3 hours of talking to parents. As for the dining, you'll have to ask the PTSA, they're making us dinner both nights.