Sunday, September 11, 2011

Did someone say “Car Show”?

I got this text message from Mrs. Gearhead this morning;

Just an fyi, there is a car show at granite high today :) let me know if you need directions.

My response was “thanks, smartass”, since I taught at that school for three years until they closed it down just a couple years ago. (If I need directions).

So, of course I went, and even ran into a group of ex-students that I taught there.

One of them had entered his old Desoto in the show.

On either side of his Desoto were his parent’s his-n-hers 65 Ford LTD convertibles.

I got there in time to see this 71 LTD convertible drive off, and drool a little bit.

Of course there were cars other than LTDs, like this Mercury Comet with matching target finders on each fender.

The mayor of South Salt Lake (or I should say her 6 year old son) chose this Dodge Super-Bee for the “Mayor’s Choice” award.

I stuck around for a while and the ex-students and I reminisced over old times.  They had been in my class when I taught at the Junior High close by, and then joined me again when they came to the High School, so we had a lot of good times to go over.   These five windows on the main floor were my classroom windows.

Well, you know I never miss a good car show, or even a bad one, that I don’t absolutely have to miss.  It was a fun day, looking at cars and catching up on what some now grown up (well, 18 yrs old) ex students are up to.


Karen S. said...

I do like Mrs. Gearhead's humor! Excellent way of showing off the cars there...the 6 year seems to have good taste...but I wonder if a Roadrunner would have changed his mind! Of course it's probably all about the paint job for a 6 year old, right!

Lisa Shafer said...

I love that first shot of the desoto. Nicely done.
Glad you had a fun day.

Max said...

Karen - I'm pretty sure you're right, the 6 year old would have picked any car that was bright yellow with a black stripe.
Lisa - Thanks, I really like the second Desoto shot too, the one of the headlights. Yeah, it was a great afternoon.

VW Golf Tdi Northern Ireland said...

Obviously a great Car Show Day you had. Great photos and fascinating cars in the show.