Monday, September 12, 2011

Cats can climb ladders?

I added a porch to the back of my house, it’s roof is a small deck that I use to access and work on the swamp cooler.  The only way up and down from there is a ladder I built on the side of the porch.

Gata, my last cat, never went up there.  At the time I thought the ladder was just too daunting for her to maneuver, but in retrospect I think it’s more that she just never had the desire.

Because the two I have now seem to have figured it out and ventured forward.

I was hanging up some curtains I washed out on the clothesline last night when I heard a cat clawing at the side of the porch.  I went over there to find Alan up on top, posed like a King surveying his domain.  Of course I ran in to get the camera and caught him in the pose again.

A couple of minutes later he decided to come down.

And I found his method of descending kind of amusing, straddling the outside beams and sliding down behind the actual steps.

Denny took this opportunity to attack, and a fight on the middle rungs of the ladder ensued.

Finally, peace was achieved and tranquility was returned to catdom.


Lisa Shafer said...

Okay, that pic of the cat squeezing down behind the ladder is LOL funny!
Cats are so weird.

Max said...

Yeah, that squeezing one is one of my favorites too. And the battle on rung 5. Weirdness is why I like having them around.