Monday, September 26, 2011

Can we get any dumber?

I was looking out the window towards the gas pumps when I was at work tonight.  There’s a guy standing at the driver’s door of his silver Dodge Durango and I watch him light up a cigarette.  Figuring he’s just about to get in and leave, I don’t move to do anything about it.

Until I see him walk to the back of his SUV, with the smoke in his mouth, and open up the gas tank.  This is where I jet over to the intercom, punch the 1/2 button (for pumps 1 and 2) and dumbfoundedly  spit out “Um, there’s no smoking around the gas pumps, put out the cigarette immediately please” just as he removes the gas hose to bring it over to his truck.

Fortunately, he leans over and crushes out the smoke.  But he must have been a bit embarrassed, because he just hung up the pump and took off.  Without closing his gas tank filler.

Stupid is as Stupid does.


Alexia said...

Good heavens!
Soooo - the answer to your question is, "Some of us can't" !

Glad you're still with us :)

Max said...

Thanks. If it would have only blown him up I probably would have allowed Darwinism to do it's job and eliminate the weakest link. But he would have taken the whole block with him and I'm having too good a school year to cut it short.

Karen S. said...

You wonder how he has survived this daughter saw the same thing the other day....she couldn't believe it...but nobody bothered to say anything like you did...and luckily nothing happend! Max you're really being nice by only calling him stupid!

Max said...

Yeah, well, I called him all kinds of things under my breath at the time.