Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Bear of a Day

Last week we ended our big school-wide fundraiser.  As a reward, the PTSA arranged to have the Utah Jazz Bear visit the school during both lunches.

Second lunch had a bit of an advantage over the kids in first lunch, a few had heard about it and were waiting for him to show up at the front door.

He shot off a confetti gun inside the cafeteria.

Twice.  Spewing confetti over the entire lunchroom.  I had an advantage second lunch too. I had a bit of a blood pressure spike during first lunch when that first shot went off. It didn’t sound like a gun, but I immediately spun around to see which kid had blown up his lunch bag and then popped it.

Then he signed a the kids hands (and mine too), and a few foreheads.

He had a few contests with some of the students, and arm-wrestled one of the mothers.

And took pictures with some of the kids. (even the 50-year-old kids.)

Finally, before taking off, he had me and one of the PTSA members take a picture of him with all the kids.

Which kind of made me feel like I ought to change my name to Fidel.

The assistant principal was thrilled by all the chaos,

and I’m sure the custodians loved cleaning up the confetti.  Twice.  Once right after first lunch so the second lunch kids wouldn’t know something was up.


Karen S. said...

Oh yeah you have to be careful when a Jazz Bear comes packing heat in your school! looks like a that one not so happy man one of the custodians? I know when ever we did anything in our children's schools we had to be sure that the place looked just like it did when we began if not better...they actually billed the group if it wasn't...imagine that! Oh yeah they have a great job!

Karen S. said...

Oh I almost forgot to add, are you sure the bear didn't spew the confetti thrice? ...instead of twice! lol

Lisa Shafer said...

Okay, the assistant principal's face is great, but with the identity-blurring you've done on the kids, it's a HILARIOUS photo. The poor man looks like he's surrounded by Stepford children or something! Ack! Run for the hills!
Seriously, you could use this photo for a zombie movie.

Max said...

Karen - Nah, that's the assistant-principal, he's in charge of keeping it from getting too chaotic. And thrice, I literally laughed out loud over that one!
Lisa - More laughing out loud. Stepford children, yeah, now that I look at it again I see it. If you ever write a zombie-Stepford-YA book, I already have the picture for ya.

Max said...

Oh, and sorry the picture of me and the bear was missing. I have no idea what happened to it.

Lisa Shafer said...

I'll see what I can do..... ;)