Friday, September 23, 2011

A little smoke and bull for you.

(**I stole that title from the email the writer, Lisa Shafer, sent me with the pictures we took during lunch.  I took the sign picture and she took the menu picture.**)

I helped my friend with her “Half-Vampire” book again today.  We worked on the cover (front, back and spine) and scanned a phew fotos for promotional stuff.  As a reward, I once again got a great dinner, we went to a local place called “Cowboy Grub” that’s been in the exact same spot since 1975.  Great, basic, comfort food.  I had a club sandwich that had just about everything on it.

Not only is the food as good as ever, but it has pretty much the same d├ęcor as it did back in the 70’s.  They even still have the non-smoking section sign attached to a pole, and restaurants have been completely smoke free for over 20 years here in Utah.  (And did you notice the non-smoking area is completely open to the smoking area?)

The other thing they still had was on the menu.  As a 15 year-old east coast city boy new to the intermountain west, I had no idea what Prairie Oysters, also known as Rocky Mountain Oysters, were, and on the menu at the time is said not to ask the poor waitress.  So I asked mom & dad and was both grossed out and in awe at the same time when they told me.

Lo & Behold, they are still on the menu there.  Mmmm, with dipping sauce!  But if you want to sample some of “the best of the bull”, you had better hurry.  The manager told us, when I asked if I could take a picture of the menu, that they wouldn’t be there on the next printing.  Seems it’s getting hard to get them from any supplier anymore.



Lisa Shafer said...

It was a good day.
It would've been a GREAT day if 1) we'd been able to figure out everything we needed to with that darn book formatting and 2) if I hadn't ended up with a headache by the time I got home.

But at least we both ended up with the photos we wanted today.

Thanks again!

Oh, and thanks for the extra advertising. Maybe someone who reads your blog will go buy a copy of my book! (Anyone? Beuhler?)

Max said...

It will be a great day for me if the cover was actually done right.
As twisted as this may be, I enjoyed formatting that. And thanks again for the pictures, great pictures + great story = good post. (A little math thrown in there).
No problem with the advertising. all you gotta do is take me out to dinner, get a couple post-worthy photos and you're guaranteed a plug on my blog. :)

Lisa Shafer said...

It's good to have friends. :)

Karen S. said...

sounds like a great way to wrap up a week! Those cows are just too darling...especially their long skinny legs.... they made my day!