Friday, September 09, 2011

Another great sunrise and kicking some pyramid butt…

Tuesday was the kickoff assembly for the big PTSA fundraiser at the school.  I was invited to pick three of my students and join in a competition to get the energy going.

We ended up tying, the opposing team winning two out of the three student competitions.  The final competition had the two teacher-team-captains building a pyramid out of plastic cups.  We won the final challenge, ending the games in a tie.

This morning I got to school earlier than usual, which was a good thing considering the sunrise.  Fortunately I had my wider-angle manual lens with me and got these pictures:

All in all a good week.


Lisa Shafer said...

I like that last one with the lamp post.

Fortunately, our PTSA is doing a relatively painless fundraiser wherein they collect all the money during lunch and we don't have to be bothered with it. :D

Karen S. said...

Ah yes, it's back to school and let the games begin... oh sure some real class time too...but it's awesome keeping everybody motivated! Lucky you had your camera along too, what a sunrise!

Alexia said...

Stunning! If I had to pick one, it would be the 2nd-to-last: the light sky provides a wonderful contrast.

And well done on the challenge!! :)

Max said...

Lisa - Seems to be the in thing because our PTSA is doing all the collecting during lunch too. All the teachers had to do was bring the kids to the assembly.
Karen - I've gotten into the habit of bringing my camera with me everywhere I go, just because of opportunities like that.
Alexia - Thanks. I was pretty surprised how quickly I stacked them, without knocking them down even once.
And I'm glad you all liked the sunrise pictures, I kind of like those last two the best too, although I didn't know it until I got home and looked at them on the computer.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Great captures- so glad you carry your camera with you and share your photos. Which mountain is it in this shot?
Johnina :D

Max said...

YEE - That's Mt. Olympus, caught from just a little north and west of Olympus Cove.