Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Yet another fire.

The Quail Fire is right on the other side of the mountains that boarder the south end of the Salt Lake Valley.  It’s burning right outside the town of Alpine, in Utah County, and they’ve had to evacuate 80 homes in the foothills.

I took these pictures from the park that is just a couple blocks from my house.

The governor had to call in the National Guard because all the other firefighters are busy at other fires.  I just want to thank all those people that are sweating their butts off trying to keep the entire state from burning up.

WE NEED SOME RAIN! so these people can get a rest.


Lisa Shafer said...

I know. One more fire did get controlled, but now we have this new one, so we're still at 8.
I really wish I were well enough/strong enough to volunteer to help. This is just awful.

And you just KNOW there'll be idiots setting off fireworks for the 4th, because there's always someone who's too good for common sense.

Max Sartin said...

Yeah, like we need another fire.
Did you see the Governor's speech on the possibility of banning target practice in the foothills? He was hemming and hawing and basically apologizing to the gun people about having to even think about it, about not infringing on 2nd Amendment rights making it clear that you will still be able to carry weapons, just not fire them off in the foothills.
Instead of just saying "We're living in a tinderbox, several fires have already been caused by gun fire, we NEED to ban target practice anywhere it is likely to start a fire."
Ahhh, politics in Utah.
And like you said, you know there's going to be some idiot that feels their right to target practice or shoot off fireworks is more important than homes.

Lisa Shafer said...

Do you get e-mails from your local city reps? They've been notifying everyone about safe firework use and sending out police numbers to call to report anyone using fireworks unsafely.
801- 799-3000 is the number, just in case you live by idiots.

Max Sartin said...

No, I haven't received any emails about it, thanks for letting me know. Living on a main street, that isn't too big a problem, although I can hear them muffled from a couple streets over.