Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thematic Photographic: Arange

Yeah, I know I spelled “orange” wrong, but that’s how my students spell it when they are making fun of the way I pronounce the word.  (Kind of like car-ange, without the “c”).  They also have fun when I talk about harazontal lines and carrasponding angles.  My first 14 years in the Boston area still sticks with me.

So, here are my first few orange pictures.

In Algebra we learn about input and output of linear functions.  We talk about plugging in a number, into the x position in an equation like y = 2x + 3, and figuring out what y value goes with it.  With these orange cones we form a grid, the coordinate plane, on the lawn and they each get to be a number, their x value.  They stand right by their cones, on the x axis, and then I show them an equation and they have to calculate their y value and walk to the position on the plane for their point.

After about 3 or 4 times they catch on to the fact that it always forms a straight line. Some of them begin to wait for the others to figure out their position, and then they just get in line with the rest.

They think they’re getting away with cheating.  I think they’re learning an important concept about linear functions.

In a junior high school, even Captain Janeway needs to wear a bright orange hall pass when she leaves the classroom.

This last one, even though only one letter is orange, I stumbled across while looking for the other ones, and just couldn’t resist adding in.

It was right after the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, the students were making up signs to collect pennies for the Red Cross efforts there.  I had to tell them we couldn’t use this one.


Lisa Shafer said...

Hey, I recognize that top one! (And of course I recall your sign story with the last one. :D)

Max Sartin said...

I figured you would. The middle one is also taken around the same time.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Isn't Al-Gebra one of them terraist organization?

Funny sign!

Max Sartin said...

Some of my students certainly feel terror at the mention of Algebra. :)
Yeah, even the students laughed when I mentioned it was missing an "e".

Karen S. said...

Max you are too funny, and I had no idea that you have a Boston accent! That rocks! I can relate to those students and the terror of some Algebra as well! I like your arange....wish I could hear it!

Rita said...

Thank you for your vista to my balloon glow today. I clicked on your name to return the visit and was surprised when eleven blogs popped us.

Have to confess my first thought was who in their right mind can manage eleven blogs. My two cause me to loose sleep. So I started at the top and got engrossed in hopping around each one. In fact I got so involved that it took the doorbell to bring me back into the present. I was socked to learn that over an hour had passed and I late getting ready for an appointment.

So glad you stopped by. But, I will be setting a timer next time I come for a visit so I do not get lost in your unique and entertaining collection of blogs.

Max Sartin said...

Karen - Learn something new every day, eh. The accent only creeps in on certain words, but sometimes I go into a full blown Boston accent every now and then just to freak out and amuse the kids.

Rita - Glad you enjoyed your visit to my blogs. I really only manage a couple of them, this one and "Stop me if you've heard this one already...". A few of them are blogs I set up for siblings and sibling-in-laws and the rest are retired because I only needed them a few years back when I was getting my Master's degree. Sorry I made you late for your appointment, but I'm glad you dropped by.

Alexia said...

Very funny sign... kids are endlessly amusing (thank heavens, or none of us would be teaching...)

Can you tell me a TV character that I might have seen who speaks with a Boston accent?

Max Sartin said...

When people ask why I teach I always tell them that it's never boring and that at least once a day they make me laugh hysterically.

If you watch "The Simpsons", the mayor had a Boston accent.

Carmi Levy said...

I laughed my head off at the last shot. As for the rest of the series, I hope your students know how lucky they are to have a gifted educator like you. Man, how I wish I had had more teachers like you when I was in school.

Gilly said...

Great photos - and I might have understood algebra if I'd had a teacher like you!!

As it is, it is still a great mystery!

Bob Scotney said...

Fun post, Max with a great sign.