Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cleanup, aisle 4.

Monday is the annual city cleanup for my area.  I get to put all the crap that has been cluttering up the side of my garage out onto the parking strip, and the city will haul it away.  Keeps me from having to go out to the dump.

I have a couple of years worth of stuff, the last few years the city scheduled my area right around the end of the school year.  I have neither the time nor the energy to deal with it at that time, but fortunately this year they left me until the end of the summer.  That’s the wood pile (above), chairs that have been sitting out in the weather for years and the planks from when I replaced the back deck.

That’s the metal pile (above), the old swamp coolers from the garage and the house and a decrepit old propane barbeque.  Or at least it would have been.  A metal scavenger came by before I had even piled everything on.  But I knew that would happen, I purposely make a separate metal pile so they won’t leave the other stuff strewn all over the place as they go through everything for the metal.

And I kind of count on it, since there is a limit to the amount of stuff the city will pick up, and after 4 years of collecting I’m pretty sure I had too much.  Not anymore.  And as long as it’s gone I don’t care if the city takes it or some guy who can make a few bucks off it.

Either way, both sides of my garage are now clear of crap.  I’m happy, and my neighbors who had to look at it all this time are probably happy too.


Lisa Shafer said...

Yea! I didn't put anything out for cleanup this year; I was in the hospital. (Because what else have I done this summer?)

Alexia said...

Sometimes people here put stuff out with a FREE HELP YOURSELF sign on it - it always disappears rapidly, even the most rubbishy rubbish!

Cleaning out clutter is good for the soul, they say...

Max Sartin said...

I've done that on a local TV station's free online classifieds. I had a couple of old refrigerators that didn't work. I put them on and got so many phone calls and texts in the first 5 minutes that I had to get back online to mark them as "gone" do my phone would shut up long enough that I could actually get the chance to check my messages. (Whew, that's one long sentence).

Rita said...

Its called "big trash day" here and always happens in the spring. Boy, does it bring out the dumpster divers and anyone that thinks they can make a buck.

Since I live on a corner of a busy street I can do the "take me" sign almost anytime and have the stuff gone in a few hours.