Thursday, October 06, 2011

Welcome autu – uh, um, winter?

Technically, it’s autumn here in the desert, so I’m still going to claim this goes with the current Thematic Photographic theme (click on banner at bottom to see more).  But it sure didn’t look like it outside my window during 1st period today.

My car, right after lunch.

And this is what Mt. Olympus looked like as I was leaving around 3:30 this afternoon.

Welcome to autumn in the Rocky Mountains. Click on any picture to see it full sized.


Lisa Shafer said...

Yeah, it snowed on my side of the valley, too.
And, of course, my seventh-graders all behaved as if they'd never seen snow before in their lives. (insert eye roll)

Alexia said...

Ok. This looks COLD!
Come to think of it, it reminds me of the weather on my one and only visit to Utah. :)

Max said...

Lisa - Yeah, they're kind of like Utah drivers in that respect. "What's this white stuff falling on the road? Maybe if I drive faster, rev the tires and spin them, I'll have better control."
Alexia - Yes. Cold. Brrrr. Fortunately, it's going to warm up a little over the next week.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Oh no, I'm surprised Emily didn't mention the snow, Maybe she is getting used to Utah weather; she's getting her masters at BYU so she's been there awhile.

Karen S. said...

Oh no, really don't want to see these visions yet...I did hear about this coming your way on the news the other night...brrrrrrr! well not really...but it will be soon enough!

Carmi said...

I love these. I can almost feel winter coming on my side of the continent.

I hope you never stop looking at the world around you through such a rich lens. I seriously dig your vision.

Max said...

Carmi - Thanks. And even tough I don't always comment, I love reading the stuff you come up with, and seeing the photos that go alone with it.
But fortunately, for me, winter comes and goes all winter long in Utah. It's already sunny and in the 70's (20's Celsius) again here. Just about to head out and go for a cruise in my friends 1984 Convertible Rabbit, with the top down. One of the reasons I stay in Utah, we get serious about winter, but not for long.