Friday, October 28, 2011

Dawn of the dead.

From the moment that Free Wheeler Pizza was conceived, in the middle of the night by a half dozen inebriated out-of-Staters dismayed at the lack of food delivery service in the Salt Lake Valley, it’s been a counter-culture kind of place.

It has attracted employees from the likes of law-school students to a guy who used to hang himself vertically by meat hooks for relaxation.  And everything in between.  They either lasted 2 days and forced the place out of their memories, or several years and their ears still perk up when they hear the words ‘Free Wheeler’.

The most recently acquired partner wanted otherwise, he wanted to portray a more corporate image.  That may or may not have resulted in the recent, thankfully temporary, demise of the business, but it did cut me out of their payroll business for a more professional payroll service.

Now, after a couple of weeks on the Coroner's slab and a quick resurrection, things have changed.  The newly acquired partner is off to greener pastures in another state and the original partner is back at the helm.  New partner still holds financial interest in the business, but he’s going to be a semi-silent, long-distance partner.

The first order of business for original partner was to get me back on the payroll, doing the payroll.

Yup, I’m once again gainfully employed by 3 different companies, and a part of the Free Wheeler business.  Makes me happy.  Not just that I’ll be bringing in a little more money, but that the people of Free Wheeler (employees included) were happy that I would be processing their paychecks and coming by at least once every couple weeks to drop them off and shoot the breeze for a couple hours.

Happy days are here again, skies are clear and blue again…


Alexia said...

Max, how he heck do you get the time to do all of this stuff?
When I look at people's (more-frequent-than-mine) posts, their busy lives, their family/job/etc commitments, I feel hopelessly inadequate and inefficient. Teaching alone is a job and a half, and all of my other responsibilities and activities keep me puffing to keep up, let alone get ahead.
Three jobs?? You cannot be serious :)

Max said...

Alexia - It's not as amazing as it sounds. The Chevron gig is just a couple 4 hour shifts right after school and it only takes me an hour or so to do the payroll every other week. One of the reasons I stay at the Chevron, and went back, is that they are incredibly flexible when it comes to accommodating my teaching. They know I'll be late on the Mondays we have faculty meeting, they know I need nights off for Parent-Teacher conferences and they keep my Wednesdays free because that is our district's designated Junior High activities night. So, as it works out, my two other very-part-time jobs work around my schedule.

Lisa Shafer said...

Dude, you have FACULTY MEETING on Mondays?!!! Don't you have the short Friday schedule to do that stuff? Ugh.

Anyway, I'm glad to see the business is back in business. Any small company that stays afloat is good.

And I'm happy today because the threat of stoppage of funds by Friends of the Library finally forced the resignation of that woman who's caused so much grief to the library. I cannot live without the public library, so, to me, this news matches your pizza news.
Drat. Now I'm hungry again....... want pizza.

Carmi said...

What wonderful news...both for the community and for you. It's so rare that anti-progress like the once-planned windup is reversed that when it happens, I feel the need to draw some kind of historical line. This is a win for the good guys - you and everyone else touched by this unique business. I'm so very happy for you!