Thursday, October 06, 2011

Newton would be proud.

After the volleyball game yesterday, some kids were in the hall running, jumping and pushing themselves off the walls.  I told them to stop climbing the walls and one of the came back with:

“We’re not climbing the walls, we’re doing a science experiment on kinetic and potential energy.”

Nothing worse than a smart smartass.


Karen S. said...

They do make the best ones!..little did they know you could surely out-smart them..if, that is, you wanted to! ha ha
How does that line gom don't fool, no it's don't joke a joker! I think!

oh as a side note knowing you liked Gil (maybe almost as much as me)I too am a big William Peterson fan on C.S.I.-Las Vegas have you seen any of the new shows with Ted D.?

A Paperback Writer Photos said...

I would've given that a gold star. :)

Max said...

Karen - I liked William and the character he played too, they did a good job blending him in, especially with not trying to replace Gil and promoting Katherine instead. Haven't seen any with Ted yet, I usually wait until it comes out on DVD and then watch. I think it's about time to pick up last season.
Writer - If he'd been one of my students, I would have!