Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thematic Photographic: Metallica

Well, as often happens, things do not work out the way I was planning.  I thought “Metal?  Cool.  I’ve got some old Ford LTDs that have more metal in one of their hoods than there is in my entire Escort.

Well, I came home from school yesterday too tired to choreograph the shuffling of the cars to get good pictures, so I put it off ‘till today.  Except the temperature dropped so much that today’s high was Monday’s low.   Again, not the day I want to be moving cars around.

As I was pondering the photographic dilemma I was in, I noticed a lot of metal things around my house.

The pressure valve on my bigger espresso maker.

An old thermostat I found in my house.  It just sits on the wall, I’ve got a plastic programmable one controlling the furnace.

A Coors can from back when you needed a church key to open the things.

Looking at the top of my one-cup espresso maker.

The I.D. plate from the original furnace in my house.  When I replaced it 6 years ago, the furnace people said it looked like it was installed in the 30’s or 40’s.

My wall mounted can opener I got on a trek out to Eureka with Writer.

The inner workings of an old gas stove I have in my kitchen.  Like the thermostat, I have a newer stove that I use, this one isn’t even hooked up.

And finally, the oven thermostat on the same stove.

If you want to see more metal, and hopefully join your own into the mix, click the banner below.


Jim said...

You've got some neat stuff hanging around. And an Automaticook, to boot!

A Paperback Writer Photos said...

First of all, today was sunny and I had the windows open in my classroom ALL DAY. I even had to turn the air conditioner on! Too cold to move cars -- bleah. That I don't believe. Now, "too tired and apathetic to move cars around this close to the end of the term" I most CERTAINLY believe. (I've had migraines for 2 days. Ugh.)

I love that thermostat of yours. I had a cool old metal one that was removed without my permission when a new furnace was installed, but yours is still cooler.
I remember that can opener! That was a spiffy old shop where we found that. And that owner had lots of stories to tell us.
I don't think I've ever noticed that thermostat on your stove before. Nice.

Alexia said...

These are great, Max! To be honest I was expecting cars - :)

I really enjoyed looking at this selection of metal things - intriguing subjects all of them.

Limar said...

What a fantastic collection of metal! Love the rusty can :)

Bob Scotney said...

What a collection! Now you have me going from room to room but somehow the objects I see are nowhere near as interesting as those in your photoshoot. Who needs expensive props?

Alan Burnett said...

Now that is a fine collection of metal. If you ever fall on hard times I suspect you could make a fortune out of it all - the way metal prices are at the moment.

Karen S. said...

Oh yeah, I so love how they listed that the filter on the furnace should be replaced at least once a year! really?....things sure have changed...I totally like how you have kept the old controls for the furnace around, it's good to have these neat little reminders! I really enjoyed this little tour around your house, even better than your hey maybe it's a good thing that the weather got cold..right? Well no not really I hope for warmer weather to hang on all that it's probably only going to get to 46 today....from this point it will drop now I'm sure... ;(

Little Nell said...

Isn’t it amazing what we have lying around our houses when we really look? You came up with a wonderful collection, and so well-preserved!

Carmi said...

You have the most unique way of sharing history: and how cool that it's all so close to home!

I just drove through a lovely old neighborhood on my way home to my own decidedly younger suburb...I wish my house held such treasures to explore.

Sara said...

The old rusty beer can w/ the triangular openings...brought back memories. Interesting items around your home.

Max said...

Thanks. I've been collecting old things like that since forever. That can I found while on a Ghost Town Trek through Utah and Nevada a couple years back. A lot of my stuff I've either found camping, hiking, just had hanging around the house forever or were given to me by family. Maybe sometime I'll do a "old stuff around my house photo essay".