Friday, October 21, 2011

Ferragosto 2005

My older brother and sister-in-law took my Nonni’s biscotti recipe, made it their own (with minor revisions) and toyed with the idea of opening their own Italian Bakery.  They even funded and, with the help of a big portion of the family, cooked up a ton of biscotti and ran a booth at Salt Lake’s Italian festival, known as Ferragosto (August fair).

We used the kitchen facilities at Free Wheeler Pizza, which worked perfect for baking biscotti.  His oldest daughter arranged a biscotti eating contest at the fair, and even got a local station to include the contest in one of their ‘local interest’ spots on the fair.  That’s how my two brothers and I ended up having our own biscotti eating contest on the local morning news.

Here’s an edible guy.  Um, well, a guy who is representing something edible – Precious® String Cheese.

Biscotti crumbles, or pieces that we were giving out as samples.

And finally, what’s biscotti without coffee? (really dry and hard to eat)


Lisa Shafer said...

Fun stuff!

Alexia said...

biscotti - yummmm!
I assume the bakery idea didn't happen?

Max said...

Nah, the economy tanked and they decided to put it off. Fortunately they hadn't invested too much before the economy went bad, so they all they got was stuck with some equipment they can't sell, but no debt.

Limar said...

Biscotti mmm :) Italian deliciousness, love it :)

Karen S. said...

Oh wow, movie stars in the making! With food I so are making me absolutely ready to redesign tonight's dinner, thank you very much MaX! This is one awesome day out with the brothers!
Like I said the other day, who has more fun than you?????!!!!!

Aeria said...

yumminess! I'd love to try one with a great cup of hot chocolate (I don't drink coffee) Love the edible guy :D

Max said...

You got it there, they go great with hot chocolate, even just plain old milk.