Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mo’ metal, and funny kids.

Chronological, so I’ll start with the kids.

Three moms came to our school to bring their kids lunch.  They were dressed in color-coordinated 50’s outfits, (their cat’s eye glasses matched the color of their respective 50’s dresses), because they had just been to some Halloween gig at the local elementary school.  They decided to camp out on the bench in the ‘grand hall’ we have out in front of the cafeteria, they wanted to embarrass their junior high kids a wee bit.

One of my T.A.s went up to them and asked: “Excuse me ladies, can I help you find your way back to the nineteen-fifties?” 

Then after lunch, in my last keyboarding class we were doing some timed typings.  One of the students got a little frustrated and exclaimed “I can’t do shift!”

And finally we get to the metal part of this post.

At the Chevron tonight a Nissan X-Terra smashed into pump #8.  Someone in the back seat got out, surveyed the damage and then they just took off.  I had the foresight to write down their license plate before I even knew for sure they were going to leave, I figured if they were going to leave they’d do it as I was walking out there anyway and if they weren’t going to leave having the plate number wouldn’t hurt.  They left.  I called the police, made a report, they found them and gave them a whopping ticket for hit-and-run, plus we got all their insurance information. 

Anyhoo, here’s the metal pictures, that little hose part that sticks into your car when you fill up.

Moral of the story: If they’d just given us their info in the first place they wouldn’t have to pay a huge ticket.


Lisa Shafer said...

But obviously the driver had no clue that he was dealing with a junior high teacher who automatically assumes that someone will do the worst if s/he thinks s/he can get away with it.
Go you. That's a great story for today.

Alexia said...

Quick thinking that man! Yes how stupid of them to think they could just take off - I assume your security cameras would have caught them as well?

"One of my T.A.s" - how many do you have??

Nice pipes :)

Max said...

Writer - It's amazing how the general public doesn't have much regard for the intelligence of convenience store workers. If they realized how many teachers have second jobs, they'd be a little more wary.
Alexia - If you are thinking of paid para-professionals that assist me with the instruction and management of my classes - none. If you are thinking of unpaid junior high students that run errands, file papers, clean the classroom and help teachers with anything that doesn't give them access to student information or grades, as an elective credit, then the answer is that a lot of teachers have either one or two. My two are techie kids that spend their time making Public Service Announcement Videos for the school on things like Counselor appointments, bullying and right now, 'public displays of affection'.

Lisa Shafer said...

At my school, TAs migrate to the easy jobs: the drama teacher and the band teacher. The rest of us don't stand much of a chance anymore. There used to be a limit as to how many TAs one teacher could have, but now there isn't, so all kids who want to be TAs go to those two. I haven't had a TA in two years now, and I really, really could use one! I'm jealous of yours, Max.

Max said...

We still have a limit of two TAs per teacher, so they get spread around. Mine were picked for me by our common Counselor friend because of the technology work they are doing. They're usually too busy with videos or photoshopping pictures, so they don't do much of my work.

Karen S. said...

You are on your toes Max! In most of our stations around here they have cameras that keep scanning everything, cuz yeah people are more apt to do the wrong thing, or sadly the bad stuff, hopefully these people have learned to stand up like a man or woman and do the right thing! ..and gee you have to find the janitor who keeps that floor looking so it really where people walk all the time?! We have to know the secret to that success! Man oh man what a beautiful shine!

Max said...

Karen - Thanks and I'll pass your compliment along. We have a great custodial staff - that's the area the kids hang out after they finish their lunch and are waiting for the next class to start.

Little Nell said...

How fortuitous that someone’s criminal damage should result in this very interesting post. They never knew what a chain of events they started. How satisfying to know that they paid the penalty. The broken metalwork has an appeal all of its own.

Carmi said...

Nicely played, Max! It never ceases to amaze me how stupid hit-and-runners can be. In this day and age, anonymity is virtually to think you can "get away with it" is laughable on a good day.

Good for you for having the coolness to execute the plan. And I'm glad no one was hurt.

(And secretly, I'm glad you found a way to turn misfortune into a great series of pics for the theme. You rock.)

Max said...

Carmi - thanks for the compliments. I can't remember the exact statistic, but with all the security cameras in a city, for the most part any time you are out in public you can count on being on camera.

Bob Scotney said...

Well done Max and an unexpected way to match the theme.
We don't have CCTV cameras in our village yet but they are onlt 2 miles away and creeping closer.