Sunday, October 02, 2011

Lambpede on Rt. 35

It was a beautiful weekend.  The brothers and their families headed up to our property.  The weather was perfect, warm during the day and just cool enough overnight.

The kids played on the hammock,

and in the dirt where they found a horny toad they named after me,

the dog took a power nap,

and the adults just sat around and talked.  A great way to spend the weekend.

On the way home we decided to take the scenic route, Rt 35 through Tabiona rather than highway 40.  The speeds are slower but you don’t see any big-rigs and fewer people hauling trailers.  And you bypass the road construction on 40.

It probably took just about the same amount of time, despite running into a herd of sheep crossing the road,

and the scenery was great.

All in all, a good weekend.


Lisa Shafer said...


Alexia said...

Wow the scenery certainly was great! Lovely shots, and the laid-back feeling is very apparent. Nice!

Karen S. said...

Well Mr. Toad looks a slight bit like you..ha does look like a lovely weekend with a warm and wonderful setting and family! Your drive home was perfect with your "great lively find" along the road!...What sunny and beautiful setting, not a lot of autumn going on for you yet either...that is perfect I would say!!!...although, I just read Carmi's theme this week will be, Welcome Autumn!

Max said...

Karen - yeah, we both have the same rough, scaly skin and small beady eyes :)
As for Autumn, we're not expecting much this year. It's in the 80's today and will be in the high will be 49 by Thursday.
Autumn? Where? When?