Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trip with another friend: Paperback Writer

Writer and I like to take little day trips around our area during the summer, mostly for the photo ops.  Today we went up to Midway and Heber, both in the Heber Valley about 45 minutes south-east of Salt Lake.  I’ve been driving through Heber for the last 20 years going to the property I wrote about two posts back, but the only time I can think of ever getting of the main drag was when I went to pick up my kittens.  Writer’s mother grew up in the area, so she knew of a few great sights to see.  I’m going to leave the Heber cemetery for later, but here are some of the other things we saw:

In Midway the most original name for a grocery store I’ve ever seen: “The Store”.

An old covered wagon in front of a home on the main drag.

Gas, 35.9¢ a gallon?

No, this was a cool little coffee shop called “Fill’er Up Coffee Station”.

Back in Heber we first visited the old Heber Valley Hospital, which is now a thrift store.

Right across the street from where we ate lunch was the Viking Lodge.  Or what was left of it.

The old school for the valley, where Writer’s mom went to school.  Now it’s the police station.

The Catholic Church in Heber.  (Catholics in Utah?  There’s actually is quite a bit of religious diversity in Utah, contrary to popular belief.)

Could this be, uh, the bank?  Yup, and built back in 1904.  (I’m the master of the obvious.)

Originally an LDS Tabernacle, it is now the City Hall.  I liked the contrast between the old building and the 2002 Winter Olympics symbol on the lawn in front of the building.

Inside there was a painting of the building back when it was still the Tabernacle.

For the last 20 years I’ve been looking at this house as I drove by it on Main Street in Heber on the way to the property.  For 20 years I' have coveted it, half wondering if I could buy it, find a teaching job up there and move to Heber (and it’s even for sale right now).

My coveting was crushed today when I went online and saw the sale price.  $713,300.  About three times what I could expect to get for my house.  Not gonna happen.


A Paperback Writer Photos said...

Fun! I didn't even think to look at the gas prices at that cafe! I'm glad you did.
I checked with Mom about the Catholic church, and she said it had indeed been an old Mormon church, but she wasn't sure how much of it had been rebuilt when the Catholics bought it.
The school/police station was her grade school, not her high school (that's been torn down now; it's where the park is).
I'll be anxious to see your graveyard shots.
My post is up at the photoblog.

A Paperback Writer Photos said...

Wait. $715,000????!!! For a place with a crack in the wall straight out of the Fall of the House of Usher?!!! In our current economy?!!!
Who on earth do these people think they're kidding?!

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Where Gollum bakes his cookies.

Karen S. said...

For Writer (for some reason I can't post a comment on yours so I'll leave it here, (hope that's ok Max!)
Oh my I guess those were Kodak moments! Priceless all of them! I love the Dinosaur and always wanted one, (just not the blown up version) the real honest to goodness stone model, why not in our front yard?! The car for paint my pigges awesome, and Max was surely delighted at that sight I'm sure....your choice of photos were very cool but the presentation even made them better! Thanks Writer!

Karen S. said...

Thanks Max what a cool trip that was, and it's neat to know what they were before, the bank is odd though for sure, and good thing you didn't need to sleep over at that lodge! Funny! Your house of dreams or used to be anyway is an amazing house from my view too, I can see thinking about making it yours. Is it maybe a historical house? Funny thing about house prices, it's more often not about what the house really is in true cost, it's about who is selling and what they want...sometimes if they're lucky someone really desiring it and with money to blow gets over-priced houses sold far too high...hard to believe in this economy it on water? I would love to see the inside of it..very intriging! You both had a great trip I can see, hope you ate at the gas station/cafe it looks inviting!

Max said...

Writer - there ya go, I fixed the misinformation on the school. I'll be posting the graveyard pictures later today or this evening.
Yeah, that was my reaction, $715,000? WTF? I figured that if it was in my price range it probably would have meant it was damaged beyond repair, but I was expecting somewhere in the $350,000 to $450,000 range.
And thanks for the info on the Catholic Church, good to know.

Max said...

Karen - I copied and posted your post to Writer's blog.
I couldn't get any good pictures of the inside, but it had been remodeled for a business (offices). That's the only reason I can figure it's price is so high, because it is right on the main street in Heber City, perfect place for some kind of office business. But that still seems quite high, since Heber is a small city 45 minutes from Salt Lake. But, hey, I'm not a Real Estate Agent, so whaddda I know.