Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Leaving out the middleman.

Mice eat cheese.  Cats eat mice.  But my cat figures he’ll just bypass the middleman and go straight for the cheese.
I was cooking breakfast and dropped a little cheese on the floor.  Fortunately, Denny was right there and cleaned it up for me (I gave him a second helping for the picture.)  I’ve had cats with strange eating habits before, Vincent used to join us when we were eating watermelon and Scooter would go right through the plastic bag to get at a loaf of bread.  But cheese?  Ain’t that for mice?  Well, it is made from milk, which cats notoriously love, and maybe I just never was so sloppy with it before.  But still, it was Sharp Cheddar.  Maybe I’ll try some Camembert or Bleu Cheese and see what he thinks.
Oh, maybe he’d like a little wine with his cheese too.


The English Teacher said...

Actually, cheese for a cat makes lots more sense than bread or watermelon. Like you said, cheese is just milk (okay, ripened milk with rennet added).

I once had a dog that liked grapes, raisins, and small pieces of carrots. Oh, and popsicles, but the coldness confused her, so she'd let them melt and then lap it up.

Alexia said...

All of my cats have loved cheese. My cat-of-the-moment also adores yoghurt, and purrs around me every morning trying to get her nose into my plate of muesli and yoghurt!

I had one dog who loved avocadoes and apples - in fact most fruit.

Max said...

Yeah, cheese isn't all that surprising, especially considering the milk content. I just don't remember any cats eating it before. But then again, my last cat that I had for 16 years wouldn't eat anything except dry cat food. Tried feeding her chicken, beef and even fish. The last couple of years of her life she did take on canned tuna, I think because her teeth were weakening.
ET - grapes, carrots and popsicles, oh my.
Alexia - avocados? That's even weirder than carrots.
It is funny how different pets will have these weird things they'll eat. But I'm gonna see if mine'll eat Camembert. That will really be cool.

Michelle said...

that is funny :)...btw my cat loves lollipop .. yup! lollipop.. isnt it strange lols :) my small cousin always make fun of it and my cat loves it too.. haha cute cat!!

Max said...

Michelle - Lollipop? That's hilarious. So, let's see, so far we have pets that eat:
1. bread
2. watermelon
3. grapes, raisins
4. carrots
5. yogurt
6. avocados
7. apples
8. lollipops
Whew! Bunch of weird cats and dogs out there!

A Paperback Writer said...

The aforementioned dog of mine did not like soda pop. I recall her begging for some and my pouring some into her bowl. She'd lap a little, sneeze from the bubbles, and then look at me like she wanted me to fix it.