Monday, June 06, 2011

Bonneville Salt Flats and my new digs.

A few friends and I went out to Wendover for lunch yesterday.   Wendover is 114 miles of 75 MPH freeway directly west of Salt Lake City, literally the closest spot in Nevada to my city.  Split in half by the Utah/Nevada border, it survives for one reason and one reason only; by providing gambling to the Wasatch Front.  About 40 miles east of the state line, I-80 descends onto the salt flats and does not rise up off them until a couple miles before entering Wendover.
Looking north from the I-80 rest area about midway across the salt flats.  As you can see, there is still a lot of water out there.
Looking north-east from the same spot.
Looking north-east from the Bonneville Salt Flats parking spot.  This area had pretty much dried up.
Today I went up to check out my new classroom.  My last classroom had only one window, and I had to bring that one from home (I took an old window, built it a frame and stuck a poster of a beach behind it.)  This is the view I’m going to have next year.
And the view when sitting at my desk.Yeah, a lot nicer than no view at all.


jmpnmark said...

Should I be expecting a postcard from Wendover?

Max said...

Um, yeah. Sure. Expect all ya want.

The English Teacher said...

Ah, no pics of the TREE.

I like your new classroom. BIG improvement over the last one.

I spent most of today in my classroom, too. I had way too much bookshelving and re-arranging to do to get it all done last Friday.

Max said...

ET - Yeah, zoomed right past the tree, although I did see that it is completely fenced in. Dagnabbed taggers probably painting all over it.
Thanks, I really do like the new classroom. I have a Large Group Instruction room right across the hall and the computer lab I'll be teaching my Keyboarding classes in is just two doors down.

Alexia said...

Yayyy! You have windows! I remember seeing the picture of your fake 'window' in your old classroom and feeling sorry for you ;)
And what a fantastic view to look out at.

A Paperback Writer said...

And the evil cafeteria workers are now miles away!! :)

Max said...

No more lunch ladies dirty looks.
[sarcastic font] I'm so gonna miss them. :( [end sarcastic font]