Monday, June 13, 2011

Little floatie in my garage.

Yesterday I started finishing up the back porch.  I insulated it last summer, but never got around to enclosing the insulation.
This was ok for a while, but it started to sag, and even worse, the cats have been scratching at it.  Not good.
So I headed off to my home-away-from-home, Home Depot, and got a bunch of cedar planks.
Of course, the cats had to help.
Alan tried to get me the tools I needed.
Denny was the supervisor.
When I was cleaning up in the garage I looked up and saw this piece of foam just floating there in mid air.
I looked all around it and couldn’t see what was holding it there.
Ruling out any supernatural event or the odd anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field, I figured it had to be on the end of a spider web, but for the life of me I couldn’t see it.
Until I went to pick up something from the floor and looked up at it from below.
Viola, finally the thin piece of, what I assume is, web showed itself. (Click on picture to enlarge so you can see it.)
‘Far as I know, it’s still out there floating over Old Blue.


The English Teacher said...

Your own little Area 51, right there in the garage...... :)

So nice of the kitties to help you. Looks like the one is helping arrange the extension cord there as well.

Max said...

That's what it is. Aliens! I should have thought of that right off.

The English Teacher said...

Aliens that like Fords.....

Max said...

Well, if there is intelligent life out there visiting us, they are bound to like Fords. Just sayin'.

Alexia said...

Great story! It's good that you didn't have to do your building without a little help from your friends.

The truth is out there....

Karen S. said...

Maybe that floatie thing is the remains of an old tennis ball...if it's positioned show where to stop the car! Great wood working job...looks lovely and but of course the boys had to help...they are just the sweetest things I've seen this morning! Darling post Max!