Friday, June 17, 2011

Signs from a friend.

A friend of mine who doesn’t blog, but reads mine, sent these from a recent trip to Sacramento, California.  It seems that someone on the City Council or in the Streets Department has a sense of humor and didn’t want to print up a bunch of those boring, oh-so-expected speed bump signs.  Instead they came up with these:
Thanks to Sharkbait B for giving me these to share, and thanks to Carmi for giving us the forum for it.  Click on the banner below if you want to see other “signs that make you wonder”, and possibly post your own.


Mustang Sally said...

Too funny. Bet they get noticed though.

The English Teacher said...

Speed humps.
My junior high school sense of humor is going overboard with that one...... Oh my.

And the word verification is:

How appropriate!

Max said...

Yeah, and that second one, with the two lumps, get's it going too...

Bob Scotney said...

Undulations wouldn't have been the word I used.

Carmi said...

Humps, lumps and undulations...sounds like the basis for a folk song.

Sorry. Lame, I know!

I love the variety of our planet. There's always something delightful to take in on our travels. Thanks for capturing these for us, Max!