Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Go, go Speed Racer, go!

I was on my daily walk (just started this week) and went down by the freeway.  I got this great idea to take pictures of the cars passing by at different shutter speeds, and see what came out.  This is what I got.  The nice thing about digital cameras is that they log a lot of information about the picture in the file, so I could just open it’s properties and see what the shutter speed and f-stop was.  I printed them in the lower left corner for you all to see.

This is how far a car, going freeway speeds, travels in 1/5 of a second.  If you can convince me what kind of vehicle it is, I’ll give you a crisp $1 bill.  And remember, you can get a bigger view of any picture by clicking on it.

The rest are in order, shutter speed getting faster as you scroll down.

I like this one, not only because it’s a red Mustang, but also because the car seems to be standing still on the freeway.

Hope you have enjoyed yet another of my “why’d I do that?” photo shoots.


Karen S. said...

It's great to come back to a fun guessing game...created by someone with clearly too much free time! lol OK I know #3 (Red) is THe Car of The Future! ha ha... #4 a Jeep? #6 has to be an Explorer or Mountaineer #7 & 8 very tricky, #7 Toyota or Mitsubishi, # 8 Ford Focus, not so sure if Fords ever have chrome door handles in newer vehicles...and of course you give us the Mustang the sure bet! at any rate this is fun....I look forward to more Why'd You do that! Very cool Max!

Max said...

Karen - thanks. You may see some more of these, summer starts in 2 days and I don't have a part-time job, so I may be broke with a lot of free time. And since digital photography is cheap (once you've bought the equipment), that's probably what I'll be doing.