Thursday, November 04, 2010

One more awesome characteristic about the building I teach in.

It never occurred to me before, but there is more than one power line coming into my school building.  I guess that’s understandable, considering the power upgrades it’s needed since it’s construction in 1975.  And maybe, since the subdivision had grown a lot since then too, it’s understandable that the power would be coming from two different grids.

But seriously, I’d expect different sections of the building to be on the different grids.  Or maybe the areas that needed the new wiring, like the computer labs and other technological additions.

Nope.  The two power sources seem to be interwoven throughout the building, as we found out when half the power went out this afternoon.

I didn’t even know about it, even though it happened in the middle of 3rd period.  I was using the projector and when I was done I went to turn on the 2 banks of lights that were off.  One went on, the other didn’t.  I just figured they were on the fritz, and was annoyed that I would have to put in a work order to get them fixed.  I figured it out when the office staff came around to tell us that the bells were out, and to just let our classes go when the time for lunch came.

When I went to lunch right after 3rd period, I discovered that we had had a power outage.  Well, half of one.  The lights were out in the cafeteria, but not in the hall that goes right by it.  One side of the faculty lunchroom was dark, the other side nice and bright.  All the lights in the faculty workroom were on, but the soda machines and one of the copiers were dead.  A third of the teachers had no computer, another third had no projector, the rest either had both or neither.

Total hit and miss.  But at least every room had some light, so we could all continue teaching, granted with a little adaptation to our lesson for some of us.

Until the power went completely out about 5 minutes before lunch was over.  Yup, deja vu all over again.  Fortunately this time it only lasted for about 15 minutes, just long enough to shorten 4th period a bit.

Well, I may not understand the why’s and whererfore’s of the electrical work in my building, but it sure made for an interesting day.

P.S. – This just became my post for Carmi’s Thematic Photographic, which you should be aware of by now.  And if not, you should go check it out here, which is where you’ll have to go if you want to understand why this belatedly became my entry for this week.


young-eclectic-encounters said...

Very interesting-isn't life fascinating in what we find.
Johnina :^A

Mustang Sally said...

You're psychic Max ... and now you've been outed.

Max said...

Sally - made me laugh! thanks, I needed that.

A Paperback Writer said...

I think I'll link this post and e-mail it out at our school the next time anyone complains about our building. Yeah, it's older than yours, but it's in a LOT better shape (literally and metaphorically).

Alexia said...

Ha! serendipity, Max - and interesting reading. Luckily my classroom is all windows along one side, so the lack of light wouldn't bother me if the power went out. But - no computers or data prohector? Panic!!!

@ MS: very nice pun :)

Alexia said...

oops must learn to preview comments before hitting 'publish' - projector, even

Anonymous said...

That's some bizarre wiring, for sure! (Had to show this to my spousal unit (construction management|engineer). He's still chuckling.

Perfect post for this week's theme! You're definitely tuned in, Max.

Max said...

Writer - feel free to do so, tell them all I also miss the air conditioning.
Alexia - I miss having a classroom with windows. This is only the third year I've been without them, and it's still weird leaving the school and not knowing what to expect to see outside.
Titanium - glad your spousal unit got a good laugh! That's what I like to hear - makin' people laugh.

Greyscale Territory said...

I'm still chuckling and comparing this to our "wired" stories at school! And our buildings supposedly are in good repair! Just a mere 20 years old in some cases and new this year in others!
Ah! There's far more to teaching than teaching! Never a dull moment! Great post!

Max said...

Greyscale - one of the reasons I keep on teaching - never a dull moment. Always something going on, from incredibly annoying to rolling on the floor laughing.

Carmi said...

I'd hate to be the electrician responsible for this apparent rat's nest of electrical infrastructure. I can't even imagine troubleshooting an outage!

This is why electricity scares me :)

Loved this post!