Thursday, November 04, 2010

Thematic Photographic: Electric

Ok, here are a couple of picture that I thought of after I read what the theme was for this week.  I took these at Sugarhouse Park, just a couple block from my house.  Here you can not only see the lighting, but you can see the rain coming down over Olympus Cove.  It wasn’t raining at all where I was.

The next two are pictures of my livingroom, taken with nothing but the light from the streetlamp right at my driveway.  The first one was when they had an incandescent lamp on the pole, I took the second one tonight.  A couple weeks ago I noticed the difference in the light that was coming through my front window.  Seems the replaced the old lamp out there with a new one.  I’m pretty sureI now have fluorescent ones up there now.  The second one appears to be daylight, but I assure you they were taken just minutes ago, sometime around 7:15 pm, well after sunset (6:21).  I’d been planning on posting about the light change, and lo and behold, Carmi gives me the in for it.

Check out Carmi’s Thematic Photographic series, if you haven’t already.


Mustang Sally said...

Wow, AWESOME! I've never been able to catch lightening on my camera ... one day it will happen. And this is different than the classic lightening shot, I love how you can see the rain coming too! Very, very nice.

That's quite a difference in those street light pics.

A Paperback Writer said...

Very nice lightning.
I must say that I like the soft yellow light much better than the harsh white light.
I hate the street lights my neighborhood insisted on putting in. They're bright like your new ones. It's like living at a Texaco.

Karen Sather said...

Oh wow, almost felt like I was there, or lost in a movie.....nicely done! Snapped Very Electrically!

The Gearheads said...

Great photos of the storm, Max. Thanks


Twain12 said...

super pictures...i love lightning storms, although they can be a little frightening too. You have a great living room.

Anonymous said...

These images are gorgeous.. The first set with the rain flowing through the sky and your living room makes me want to find a spot and just write.. very warm.. Excellent pictures!!

Max said...

Thanks everyone, and welcome to all the new commenters I found here tonight!
Lightning shots - one of the benefits of a digital SLR camera, I could just set up the camera and click away. I think I took about a hundred shots of that scene, just to capture a couple lightning bolts. Too expensive for film, cheap with digital.
Light in the living room - fortunately my bedroom is in the back of the house, so I don't notice the lights when trying to sleep. Otherwise I kind of like it, I can walk around the house in the middle of the night, get a glass of water or whatnot, and not have to turn on any lights.
As for lightning storms, I love them, until they knock out the electricity. One of the things I miss from growing up in Boston is a real good rain storm. Just don't get them here in Salt Lake.

Cathy said...

Now that's electric...I'm usually hiding in the closet during lightning storms!

Juniper said...

That new lamp kind of ruins the romantic ambience, doesn't it? ;-)

Life with Kaishon said...

These are very intriguing pictures Max. I LOVE the lightning. Have always wanted to capture some of that : )

Carmi said...

The lightning pics are stupendous. I swear that sky looks like it's about to unleash a Noah-class flood!

The backlit window pics - in both tones - are surreal! Almost like out of a movie. Very, very rich! And very, very evocative of this week's theme. I love how you interpreted it!

Max said...

Carmi - thanks.
One of the funny things about Utah is that the air is so dry, that it can be raining like Noah's flood up at the clouds, but most, if not all, of it can evaporate before getting to the ground.