Monday, November 15, 2010

1:05:04 + 0:06:48 and 21 bucks = 1 Salt Lake County Food Handlers Permit

I got my Food Handler’s Permit the other day.  The Salt Lake County Health Department is, or has and we just were not in compliance, all convenience store employees to have one if they prepare food on the premises.  You know those hot dogs that have been sitting on the roller grill all day?  Yeah, that’s what we prepare.

Anyway, my first career with Free Wheeler Pizza required me to get a new permit every 2 years, for the 15 years I was in the biz.  So I’ve been through the classes a few times.  They never were really hard, you listen to someone talk for a couple hours and then take a test that is 95% common sense, pay your money and walk out prepared to play with people’s food.  Thanks to technology, it’s even easier now.

I took the course and test online.  Not only do I get to go through the whole thing in the comfort of my own home, but there’s nobody here to tell me I can’t enjoy a little drink along the way.  So, of course, I did.  I went through the course, answering the questions at the end of each section, amazed at some of the choices for answers. (See pictures below, click on them to get a better view.)  It took me a little over an hour, and a couple of glasses.  The test took just under seven minutes for 30 questions and I got all but one of them correct.  I messed up on the temperature you are supposed to keep the hot buffet table (155 degrees), giving me a 96.7% on a test you only need 70% to pass. 

It cost $6 more to take it online that if I went to the class, but worth it considering I didn’t have to take it at a given time when they offered it, I got to take it in my skivvies and with a little libation to help me through it.  Overall, six bucks well spent.


A Paperback Writer said...

Wow. Most of my tests for 7th graders are harder than that. (I love how proper parking can reduce contamination....)
Well, I'm glad to know those hot dogs will now be in safe (and clean!) hands.

Max said...

Yeah, the course never was very hard, although in retrospect maybe all they really are testing is common sense.

Mustang Sally said...

It's very cool the things that you can do online these days. Much more convenient than waiting around in lines, you can take breaks when you need to, eat, drink and be merry. Much less headache all the was around.

Carmi said...

Reminds me of a history quiz I once had:

When was the war of 1812?
Where was the Vietnam War held?


I think we should bring you to Canada to train the folks here. They just launched a rating system for eateries, and way too many of them ended up with yellow or red cards in their windows. Ew!

Max said...

Who's buried in Grant's Tomb?
What color is the White House?
What shape was King Arthur's Round Table?
Yeah, not much harder than that. Working in food service for 15 years is why I NEVER tick off the staff until I'm done eating.

Snyder said...

Did mine last night, sadly without libation. I was however playing a video game while taking it. Still passed.

Max said...

Yeah, hard stuff that test. I'd bet that I could have skipped the whole presentation, gone straight to the test and still got at least the 70% required.
Congrats on passing.