Friday, November 26, 2010

Sepia, a look through the old west.

In the summer of ‘08 I spent two weeks driving around Utah, Nevada and California looking at ghost towns.  The first week, Writer and I cruised the Moab area, the second week my older brother and I went through Nevada, clipped the edge of California and back.  These pictures are all from that trip.

A tombstone in an old graveyard outside of Sego, Utah.

The only house, but not the only building, left in Sego.

Inside an abandoned cafe in the half-ghost town of Thompson, Utah.

On top of a fridge in the office of the abandoned Thompson Motel.

A scavenger in flight looking for his/her next meal.

My brother at the storefront in Brodie, California, and incredibly well preserved ghost town.

I went through the 3,000 pictures I took on that trip and, being very reserved, cut down all my sepia pictures to a mere 79.  I didn’t want to post them all here, many people won’t want to take the time to look at them all.  But, if you are interested, please check out the gallery.

If you want to show off your pictures, or just see a whole bunch more really cool sepia pictures, taken by a lot of different people, click on the link below.



Lynne H. said...

These are amazing.. 3000 pictures.. wow, that is quite alot..i will also check out your link because i love, love to view great photographs..

these are great!

A Paperback Writer said...

I love the fridge picture!!! That was an angle I didn't get of that. Remember all the generic labeled food in that kitchen??? Scary place.
I had so many sepia pics that I did three posts scheduled for this weekend, and I put a Sego pic in one of them (I think it's tomorrow's), but fortunately it's the store, not the boarding house that I used.
Nice pic of the gravestone in sepia, too.
I'll have to go check out your album.

A Paperback Writer said...

Okay, I'm back from the album. I like the door in 65 and 66. Nice.
And, of course, the Shafer trail. :)

Max said...

Lynne - thanks. That's the beauty of digital cameras, I can take way too many pictures at no extra cost, except for the initial cost of the memory cards.
Writer - I knew you'd like the Shafer Trail pictures :) Glad you liked the other ones too.

hpicasso said...

very nice Max..tones, I can feel the tones of time

Karen Sather said...

Oh my gosh what a lovely trip down such an interesting path. I too love old ghost towns and have a gigantic book all about Ghost Towns. I love to sit back and just imagine the people who had been there before! These photos are excellent and I am envious of your trip! I'm going to study all the rest too, but what you posted are all dreamy to me!

Karen Sather said...

I really enjoyed the other photos, thanks for sharing. I spent many summer vacations in Arizona and Nevada areas, and fondly remember them all, and the magic and beauty of the lost desert scenes, just love it out there. I am curious as to what city the bike and ghostly sheet man are if you recall? I really like the old bank vault in Brodie too! Nice, thanks for sharing more!

Aunt Snow said...

Oh, my! Love the fridge picture and especially the brick building at the end. It just cries out loneliness and abandonment, doesn't it? Beautiful - I hope to visit your gallery, too.

Max said...

Karen - I answered your question, and took the opportunity to post a bunch more pictures, HERE. Glad you liked the pictures.
Aunt Snow - glad you liked the pictures too.

Carmi said...

These are stunning. There's a poetry associated with abandoned places that most folks just can't seem to capture. You can.

How are you finding Skydrive as a photo sharing resource? I'm looking for a permanent solution and am getting fed up with Google Picasa's online file storage limits. Thanks!

Max said...

I have no complaints with Skydrive at all, it's worked fine for me. I don't know how it would be if I relied on itself to share my photos, rather than linking them with my blogs, but the this way it works great.