Saturday, November 20, 2010


I love the first snow of the year.  Actually, as long as I don’t have to drive anywhere (except to play in it) I really do love it when it snows.  Don’t like winter, don’t like cold, but like snow.  Go figure.

The storm was supposed to hit last night.  Rain, turning to snow overnight and then some more rain/snow mix today.  Instead it was nice enough out that I got to fix the leaning fence, cover the swamp cooler and winterize the back porch.  With power tools (dangerous in the rain) and not even a light jacket.

Tonight’s a whole different story.  About 5ish, it snowed a little, changed to rain and then even cleared up enough to see the sun poke out right before sunset.  Now, 8:58 Mountain Standard Time, it’s snowing like Buffalo, NY out there.  Big, honkin’ flakes, not our usual tiny, dry “Greatest Snow on Earth” snow.  But hey, it is only the middle of November. 

Anyhoo, here’s a few of the shots I just took from my front porch.

This is the only one I took with the flash, right out my front door.  The flash made it to the railing of my porch, but that’s about it.

My new street lamp.  As you’ll see in the next picture, it’s not what made the sky that freaky reddish color.

Looking down my street as the bus goes by.

My dirt-biking kokopelli hits a little snow on the porch railing.


A Paperback Writer said...

I love the kokopelli one; it totally looks like he's hit black ice and is going to do a face plant!
The bus is nice, too.
I tried, but mine did not turn out so well as yours.

Oh, and it may be the first snow where you live, but it's about the third snow where I live. I had a good five inches on my lawn one morning during that last cold spell.

Alexia said...

Fantastic shots, Max. I really like them all, but if i had to nominate a winner, I'd say number 3, with the coloured lights. So different.
But: I also like the kokopelli. And the street-lamp behind the sleet. In fact, the whole series is great!

Amazing to realise that you guys are getting snow, we're getting hot, sticky, humid....

Max said...

Writer - yeah, technically it's not the first snow here either, but both times before left an inch or so, and it was gone as soon as the sun came up. This is the first one that had enough snow to completely cover the front yard, including under the pine tree.
Alexia - your summer is our winter, so you are just heading into summer, right? I grew up in Boston, where the summers are hot, sticky and humid. One of the reasons I love Utah, the summers are hot, but except for 2 days in August, never sticky or humid.