Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sarcasm, cubed.

And I voted against the Ethics Amendment, because I truly believe that our Utah Legislators are the most honest, upstanding and uncorrupted politicians in the country, nay, in the WORLD.  (If I was 100% sure there was life on other planets, I would argue; in the universe.)

(P.S. – I really did vote, haven’t missed one since 1978.  It’s the rest that should be read dripping with sarcasm.)


A Paperback Writer said...

I was 3rd in line when they opened the doors at 7:00 AM today. And yeah, I definitely voted for the ethics amendment -- and against all the candidates who were endorsed by Sarah Palin (two that I knew of -- in one case, that was the deciding factor between the guy and his opponent. In the other case, the guy was a first-class turd to begin with, so it really wasn't too hard to vote against him.)

Mustang Sally said...

I voted too, but never did muster up any excitement about it. Sorta like picking individual turds out of a sewer.

Max said...

Sally - I love that analogy! So fitting for politics these days.
Writer - I did the after-school voting thing. I voted for a couple candidates I actually felt good about, but the rest were like you - an "anything but.." vote.