Thursday, November 18, 2010

Candid. Thematic Photographic.

Candid, huh?  At first thought this implies humans or pets.  But in my never ending quest to be different, and obnoxious, this is what I chose as my candids: I took these pictures this morning while I was photographing the sunrise from my school.  For those of you outside our Pretty, Great State of Utah, the seagull is our state bird, and for a landlocked state we have plenty of ‘em.

The folk lore goes that the summer the LDS pioneers came to the Salt Lake Valley their crops were inundated by locus, threatening to leave them with no food to make it through the winter.  Before the locus could totally destroy their crops, a huge flock of seagulls swooped down on the valley and ate the locus, saving the crops and thereby saving the pioneers.

Whatever one believes, the fact is that you can’t go anywhere along the Wasatch Front without running into a seagull.  They’re out at the Great Salt Lake, the ponds in our parks and of course the landfill.  But to me, like the pigeon, despite having a reputation as being a dirty, pesky little bird, I find the seagull kinda cute.


A Paperback Writer said...

Please note the irony that it's the CALIFORNIA seagull that is the Utah state bird. (Also, the Colorado Blue Spruce is our state tree. Gotta love it.)
And those birds love hanging out at your school and over the parking lot of your local high school. In fact, one cannot park at that high school without having a spotted car afterwards.

Nice pics.
Mine will be up shortly, but in the meantime, do wander over to my blog and read my post about funny things that happened today. You will understand, for you teach junior high.

The Gearheads said...

They may be cute but they are still pesky trash eating birds. However I like them much more than the aggressive obnoxious trash eating magpie.
I like the pictures of the bird in flight.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Great capture of the seagull.. I love when clouds float like that!.

Carmi said...

I really like that you're different. I really like that you interpret things as you darn well please, and not as you think others would have you interpret them.

As one who has also spent a huge amount of time over the years chasing birds with a camera, I totally dig this series, too! Birdie probably never even knew you were there. Candid, indeed...and stunningly bookended!

Karen Sather said...

I truly ejoyed your candid sea gull show....I love watching them all the time too but I especially love their sweet's music two my ears! I watched a family once from my hotel window while they parked on the beach to feed the "birds"....they barely got the kids back in the van....!

Snyder said...

Those are some very nice sunset/seagull photos.

Max said...

Writer - yeah, California and Colorado. Two states ours tries so hard to be like (roads like California, ski resorts like Colorado) while at the same time trying to be different. Definite Multiple Personality Disorder.
Everyone - thanks for the compliments. Just a warning though, I may end up having to widen my front door so I can get my ego through.

Greyscale Territory said...

An interesting series of the seagull in flight! Especially love the sky colours and the fragile silhouette in the last photo!