Friday, August 17, 2012

You wanna do WHAT with my picture?

The finishing touches are going on the Westminster dorms, now known as “Westminster on the Draw”.

These two pictures went up sometime today.

Takes some real guts (or maybe 4 years of free tuition?) to allow them to put a 3 storey picture of you up on the side of a building.  Especially when that building is on the corner of one of the busier intersections in the city.

Yeah, if it was on the corner of Downington Ave and Lake Street, but 21st South and 13th East?  Right at what is basically the first exit from the east on I-80 going into the city.*   That guy’s face is the first thing many visitors are going to notice in Salt Lake City, and when they inevitably pull into the Chevron the second thing they’ll notice is her face.

“Hey, isn’t that you on the side of that Westminster building?”

The fires just outside of the Salt Lake Valley may finally be out, but the smoke remains, and the spectacular sunsets continue.

*There is actually one before, but it’s right at the mouth of the canyon and a lot of the visitors at the Chevron I worked at didn’t realize there was even a gas station there.


Rita said...

I do hope that the faces on that building are not some paid models. It would be nice to know they are students earning their education.

Karen S. said...

Of course they are blemish free on those larger than gigantic size photos, so yeah, why not right! That smoke will be lingering for a bit, but what an exceptional it Halloween already!

Max Sartin said...

Rita - I agree. It would be nice to know that some kid is going to get an education without having a ton of student loans rather than some professional who is not even connected to the school.

Karen - good point. I'm sure somebody cleared up their skin with Photoshop or some similar program.
Pumpkin in the sky. I like it. But I'm still looking forward to the air in the valley clearing out.