Tuesday, August 07, 2012


As I was stumbling around the internet the other day I came across some artistic photos taken with an infrared camera.

I was intrigued.  Enough that I got online and found a pretty cheap infrared camera ($89), they had some pretty nice ones for a lot more money but I wasn’t going to invest several hundred dollars into something I wasn’t sure I’d like or even be good at.

So, mine aren’t as good as you’ll see on the link I gave above, but the camera just arrived today so here is an example of my first attempts.  The first sets have 3 versions of the same picture, an infrared one, a regular color version and a copy of the color one in black and white.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Weird one here.  I know I moved the camera when I took the picture, all of the hand-held pictures I took were blurry.  But the movement on these two stars, or whatever they are, is not consistent.  One is a nice smooth arc, the other a zig-zag. 

Here’s that infrared picture colorized.


Karen S. said...

You had me with me with the first example! So very vibrant, and you infrared-photo-class-101 is worthy of more Max. Get that new camera out there! Before summer is over.

Max Sartin said...

Thanks Karen, I will. And you'll be seeing the results right here.

Lisa Shafer said...

Well, that's fun!
I like the pine needles a lot. The leaves were cool, too.

Max Sartin said...

Yeah, the pine needles is my favorite.

Alexia said...

That looks like such fun! The needles are very cool - and I like the last one too.

Max Sartin said...

I'm going to have to play with colorizing them some more, it does give it an interesting effect.