Wednesday, August 01, 2012

‘Tis the Season

G’head, hit “play”.  You don’t have to watch it, read this post while it plays in the background.  It’s just a little musical encouragement for those of us who are on a downhill slide to a new school year.  (Yeah, I know.  There’s at least one person likely to read this that is on her downhill slide towards summer.  Don’t rub it in, we’re already jealous.)

The beginning of August marks the time when, psychologically, I start preparing for a new year.  Even though I don’t need to be back for another 2 or 3 weeks, I’ll start dropping by, preparing my classroom, checking my mail, annoying the administration and making myself zen with the coming beginning.  But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t use another month of summer.

Yes, I love my job, and on several levels I’m actually looking forward to the new school year.  I have a great schedule (3 math in the morning, 3 keyboarding after lunch), I have a student teacher this year (all year) and just the excitement of meeting a couple hundred new people and getting to know them.

But … not working a second job this summer has been great.  I’m going to miss sleeping in until, well, until I feel like getting out of bed.  Having to look at the morning paper to tell what day it is.  Being able to say “whenever is good for you” or “yeah, I’m free” when family or friends call to get together.

It’s the ying and yang that make teaching such a great job for me.  I’d go crazy with this totally unstructured time if it was all I had.  It’s nice for a while, but it will also be nice to have somewhere to go every day again.

As long as I can look forward to next summer.


Lisa Shafer said...

I love that comic!!
Yeah, and I got up today and thought, "Dang. It's August. I need to re-read Dracula and write up those quizzes!"
The end is near.

Rita said...

There are several teachers in my family and I understand full well what this time of year is like. Sad that you can't have until after labor day like the teachers of my generation.

Wishing you all the best with getting back in the groove for a new year.

Max Sartin said...

Thanks Rita. There is always a part of me that is looking forward to getting back to it. Get to see all the other teachers and staff that I haven't seen since June, the laughs the kids give me. About the only thing I really dislike about going back to school is turning the alarm clock back on. So nice to wake up on my own!

Alexia said...

Yep - know exactly what you mean :)

Enjoy these free days while you still have 'em!