Friday, August 10, 2012

Denny goes to the doctor.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed a big ol’ bump on Denny’s forehead.  Methinks he was in a fight.

It was worse this morning so I brought him to the vet.  The doc said it looked like he was in a fight had an abscess and a temperature.  The poor cat had to stay there for a couple hours while they put him under and drained it.  And for a $20 difference they gave him a single shot of antibiotics that would slow release over 12 days, instead of pills that I would have to force him to swallow twice a day.  I’ve had to feed cats pills before, I’ll probably save $20 in band-aids alone.

He’s home now, just lounging around trying to sleep off his anesthesia high.  Cats make terrible drunks, usually so athletic and sleek, poor Denny tried jumping off the couch and fell right on his butt.  Hopefully it wears off soon, but at least he seems comfortable.


Lisa Shafer said...

Denny Goes to The Doctor. With a few more photos and a bit more narration, you could have a children's book on your hand. :)

Max Sartin said...

:) Will you help me publish it?

Lisa Shafer said...


Rita said...

I would have chosen the shot also. As the primary human for our cats I do understand about having to give them medicine of any kind,

One of our cats had to be put down a few months ago. She had a liver condition and we had been syringe feeding her for over six months because she refused to eat. We though she was getting better because she was gaining weight but she got to where she would not use a litter box or move from behind her favorite chair we new it was time to admit defeat.

Glad to here that Denny is on the mend.

Max Sartin said...

Rita - Sorry to hear about your cat. Even though we know we're likely going to outlive our pets, it's hard when they go. I'm sure s/he had a great life with you.

Lisa Shafer said...

I remember being in high school and taking our cat in to see the vet for some minor thing. We didn't have a carrier, so I wrapped him in his favorite old green bedspread (that we used to make his bed out of, so it would smell familiar to him) and put him in a laundry basket.
I had to drive (stick shift) to the vet with one hand on the wrapped cat, talking to him the whole time while he growled. Then I carried the whole basket, ugly bed spread and howling animal in. I got a LOT of stares -- until I simply stated "It's a cat." Then everyone relaxed again.