Thursday, August 09, 2012

Ashes and infrared.

Got up this morning to go to my annual physical* and my cars were covered with a lite dusting of ash.  Last night’s hypothesis confirmed.

One thing I’ve learned playing around with my infrared camera is that night pictures aren’t that cool.  I can take more interesting pictures with my regular camera, a tripod and a low shutter speed.

Day pictures, on the other hand, can be pretty cool.  Here are a few from today.

*”Obamacare” has already saved me $20.  No more co-pay for annual physicals.


Karen S. said...

Hooray, you can pretend that extra $20.00 can go against your new camera, or maybe lunch! The first, fourth, reflection and path into the woods are my most favorites! I am really liking your photos and I'm trying not to, because do I really need another camera? No, I already take two along with me everyday that's(not including any smartphone) so I must not enjoy these so much!

Max Sartin said...

Must-resist-buying-new-camera. Sorry for causing you this internal struggle, but thanks for the compliments.

Lisa Shafer said...

Huh. I still have to do co-pays, even though I've DEFINITELY met my out-of-pocket expenses this year!

Okay, the ducks (to me) just look like black-and-white photos. But the leaves! And these pineneedles you're using as your background photo now! Wow. THOSE are cool.

Max Sartin said...

From what I understand, it's only yearly physicals that are exempt from the co-pay. She was about to charge me and then noticed what I was there for and told me I didn't need to pay.
I agree with you about the ducks, I'm still learning what works and what doesn't. The broad view scenery ones also look a lot different than just plain black-and-white.