Friday, March 11, 2011

Son – of – a – …

If you’ve been visiting my blog for a while you have probably read me complain about Utah State Senator Chris Buttars (here, here and a few other places I didn’t have the time to track down.)  He is an ultra-conservative, bigoted, anti-public schools, anti-environmentalist that is in the back pocket of Gayle Ruzicka’s Eagle Forum and who knows how many construction companies and developers.  I have despised this man’s politics since the day I noticed him on the political scene.

And now I’m really mad at him because he has made me feel a tiny bit of respect for his politics. 

HB477 went from a simple number with no content whatsoever to the Governor’s desk in under 72 hours.  Passes both the House and Senate so fast that constituents in St. George heard the sonic boom.   The bill deems private congressional electronic communications; texts sent from their government issued (taxpayer bought and owned) cell phones and emails sent from their government issued (taxpayer bought and owned) computers, and exempts them from State GRAMA open information laws.   The taxpayers, their bosses, the people who pay their salaries, have no right to know of their dealings when doing our business. 

Chris Buttars voted against this bill.

Yes folks, it’s true.  I read it on the front page of today’s Salt Lake Tribune, in the article titled “Herbert sells out

And here’s the kicker:  at the bottom of the exact same page, was an article about Sen. Chris Buttars announcing his retirement right after this legislative session.

He’s going out right after doing something I have to respect him for.


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A Paperback Writer said...

Yes, I was totally and completely surprised as well when the Butthead did something I thought was good. And then I was thrilled he was retiring -- until I read Paul Rolly's article about how the SOB just barely made it to the 10 years required to get health insurance for life.
At that point I realized his voting the way a decent person should was probably an accident.