Friday, March 25, 2011

Thematic Photographic: He’s mad I tell you!

I’m in charge of Stage Crew at my school, and with our big musical coming the week before 3rd term grades are due, and the Talent Assembly the week right after the play, March has been somewhat mad for me.  So far I’ve spent every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this month at school until at least 4:30, a couple of times it was closer to 6.
So when I saw the Thematic Photographic theme for this week, I thought “Where do I start?”  Well, there wasn’t really a picture that exemplified the madness of getting things together for the play, so I just decided to pick one that I liked.  This is from the Havana scene, it’s a little blurry because I wanted to get the background, which is a photo I put together and is projected on the back wall.  The flash completely obliterated it, so I took this picture without a flash.  As it turns out, I really like the way this looks despite it’s blurryness.
In the same folder as the Guys and Dolls pictures, I found this one.  There’s still a decent amount of madness going on at home as the two cats and I get used to each other, and I caught Denny here taking a nap in the dish rack.
This is the reason I always keep a camera with me.  I was leaving the school the day of the play pretty early, I had to be back around 6:00 for it, and as I got towards the courtyard I heard music being played.  I got to the window and saw this scene before me; a student playing and the head custodian going on with his work.  I woulda kicked myself if I hadn’t had my camera with me.
And finally, total madness.  This is, of course, a doctored photo.  But the real madness is that this P.E. teacher let me take a picture of her with a toilet seat around her neck, with the intention that I was going to do something like this.  The toilet seat sits atop one of the cabinets in my classroom, left over from the end of the year carnival last year where students could win a prize for building a paper airplane and flying it through the seat about a yard away. (So worry not, it was never used and was still sanitary when she put it over her head.)
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Alexia said...

Thanks, Max, for a great selection of photos which really cheered me up and made me laugh!
I have honestly never seen a funnier cat photo than dish-rack Denny!!! Awesome :)

A Paperback Writer said...

I'm laughing.
During the six months of our academic team year, if I EVER get home at 4:30, it's a cause for rejoicing. Six o'clock is about the average.
I'm sorry you're having a hard time getting used to it.

And how to choose a madness photo when you work in a junior high??? Heck, most of what I post are madness photos.....

Nice toilet pic though.

A Paperback Writer said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that that's a nice backdrop for what must be the Havana scene if it's "Guys and Dolls." Is that a photo projected up there? How did you do that? We still just paint our backdrops, and they don't look like that.

Did I ever tell you I was in Guys and Dolls once? I played 7 different minor characters. If nothing is cut from the play, the song that is sung the most is "Follow The Fold." Annoying.
Everyone's favorite, of course, is "Sit Down; You're Rockin' The Boat."

And naturally I have the urge to fix the hair of all the girls in that photo. It's all wrong for the time period.....

Max said...

Writer - For the Havana, Hot Box and underground scenes I used photographs projected on the back wall. (No, there was no copyright on the ones we actually used, I added that for on here). When I first thought of it we were concerned about shadows cast by the actors, but by using a black background and fading the picture in, like on the Havana one, because it was projected from high above there was very minor shadow issues. We did the Jr. version, designed just for middle schools, so there was a lot cut out of it. The whole play lasted just about an hour. As for the hair, if you'd only told me before the play, you could have come over and fixed it for us. :)

A Paperback Writer said...

Nice sewer background.

We mostly went with giant dice when I was in it in community theatre.

And the drama teacher should've known the hair wasn't right. :)

Oh well, at least you came up with good stuff. :)

Max said...

Unfortunately, because of budget cuts and the need for some students to double up on math and reading classes, our drama teacher really is a dance teacher. She's "getting her drama endorsement" while teaching both subjects right now.
Yeah, Utah education at it's best.

Karen S. said...

Absolutely all geared to make a person smile....well rather roar with wild laughter...except of course my fave the kitty just a perfect smile for that one and the lovely Havanna couple ...gee their parents will be so proud...yes Max you and Writer both have all the props for good March Madness..where to begin, and really where to end! Thy're all great!

Bob Scotney said...

That cat caught my eye; no fear of it being flushed down the plug hole - no so sure about the teacher though. Good mad fun.

On My Soapbox said...

Those are some fun pictures! The kitty in the dishrack was pretty funny, but I enjoyed the loud trumpet player/nonchalant adult and the toilet pics, too.

Anonymous said...

The kitty in the dishrack made me burst out laughing! These are great, Max.

Madness at its finest.