Sunday, March 06, 2011

The evolution of the next game to sweep the nation.

Yeah, right.  (But if it does, this is my official copyright to the concept.)

I was invited to a surprise party for my niece’s 30th birthday over at her mother-in-law’s house.  We caught my niece completely off guard, had a great dinner and some cake and ice cream.  After the ice cream it came the traditional breathing of the helium balloons and talking funny.

Afterwards we, I can’t remember who started it, got to throwing the deflated balloons at each other and then pulling them back on their strings.  This was a lot of fun, beaning each other with globs of soft plastic on the end of streamers, and became even more fun when two balloons got tangled and when yanked apart the person who ended up with both balloons stuck to the end of their streamer declared their self the winner. 

At this point a freestyle, everyone for themselves, kind of game broke out that included several of the adults along with a couple of the older kids.  After devolving to only 4 people, myself and the birthday girl included, we paired off into two teams and started making up rules as the game went on.  2 points for a full capture of the opponents balloon, 1 point if you broke their streamer but the balloon fell loose to the floor.  Hands could not come within a foot of the balloon itself, unless a time-out was called when teammates got their balloons tangled.  One must remain seated at all times and a bunch of other trivial ones I can’t even remember. We did decide we were going to try to get it entered in the next summer Olympics.

My niece took this picture with my cell phone after the official game was declared a tie, and three of us were playing freestyle just for fun. 

I’ve found that oftentimes it’s the spontaneous things that are the most fun. (Sorry about the quality of the picture, the only camera I had with me was on my cell phone.)

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