Friday, March 04, 2011

Lucky charm, reversed.

In the last 7 years, I’ve been through accreditation 4 times.  Good schools, like the ones I’ve been at, go through it once every 6 years.   Every school that gives high school credit have to be accredited for their credits to count.  It’s a long process where the school has to produce a book on what they are doing to improve student learning, including data from surveys of parents, teachers, students and other stakeholders on the school environment.  It ends with a 2 day visit from an accreditation team that spends their time there talking to students, parents and observing teachers teaching. 

I have not once been observed by anyone on any of the 4 accreditation teams, and that includes when I was teaching at the high school with only 17 teachers.  All 4 times we received the highest allowable recommendation.

I’ll put that on my resume.

And just because it was a beautiful day when I got out of school today, a couple pictures of my view of the Wasatch Mountains from there:


A Paperback Writer said...

Thanks for taking pics of the mountains. They WERE gorgeous today!

A Paperback Writer said...

You explained accreditation wrong. It's ridiculous and nitpicky hoop-jumping to waste our time and give data to legislators who are just going to use it against us anyway.

Karen S. said...

Oh so VERY gorgeous, stunning, peaceful, awesome wish I could have them in my own backyard kind of view! Thanks Max, and you'll be happy I didn't share the view from my world...especially what more is due to come...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Max said...

Karem - Yeah, today isn't as nice as it was yesterday. Clouds have come in, it's supposed to rain on and off all weekend. (More snow in the mountains, at least it's staying up there.) I'm guessing in Minnesota it's going to be snow all around though. Arrgggg, spring can't get here fast enough for me.