Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Better late than never: Not always true.

When I bought my house it came with a barn looking thing in the back of the house that was the garage.  It was probably built in the 40’s or maybe even the 30’s, it had a dirt floor and nothing but wood shingles between the inside and the sky.  Or at least it used to, because by the time I got it most of the roof was gone.  My plan was to fix it up, keep the flavor of the old building but shore up the walls, pour concrete for the floor and put a solid roof on it.  I had stuff stored in it, but kept the cars out of it during the winters for fear of it collapsing onto them.
The second winter I was living there it fell down.  Forwards.  Onto the front end of my car.  Had a huge 2x4 resting on the hood, just a couple inches from the windshield.  Fortunately my homeowner’s insurance paid me enough to fix the car and buy a kit to build the new one myself (with a lot of help from family and friends.)
I couldn’t find any pictures of it before it fell down, but here’s the ones that show I was a little late in getting it repaired. If you’re interested in seeing other “Late” photographs, and maybe even entering your own, check out Carmi’s Thematic Photographic by clicking on the banner below.


A Paperback Writer said...

Messy and depressing, but very interesting all the same.
Good choice for the theme.

Karen S. said...

Oops! Good plan on keeping the cars outside during the winter (before the major fall) it happens, as this winter half of the roof on our pole barn caved in! It happens! It could have been a nice remodel, now I guess it's good old fire wood! But hey, it makes for a great story for the theme late!

Bob Scotney said...

Not late, but too late Max. How long did it take to burn all that firewood. Reminds me of a greenhouse that became so rickety I took it down. I had removed the roof when the frame collapsed with me inside. Years later we still find tiny slivers of glass when digging the flower beds.

Anonymous said...

Awright, Max, these take Grand Prize. Wowza! I'd say that pretty well personifies the theme.

Max said...

Thanks everyone, and I have to admit the new garage has served me well over the last decade, and it looks pretty rustic itself, seen here in the snow with the '72 wagon.
Bob Ouch! Hopefully it missed you, or at least didn't do you much harm.

Alexia said...

Spectacular shots! Tailor-made for this theme, too - glad your car wasn't totalled!