Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bye, bye #51

I’m down to 4½ vehicles now.  I sold the Subaru to a dealership yesterday.  I could have sold it on my own, but I took it down there just to see what they would give me for it and they offered me more than what I was thinking of putting it up for sale for.  That and it was a hard enough decision that I just wanted to get it over with.  I didn’t want to sell it, but I had to.

Don’t get me wrong, money isn’t so bad that I’m selling off things just to keep food on the table and pay the bills.  Considering the economy this last few years and what I’ve seen friends and acquaintances going through, I consider myself lucky for that.

I’ve been working at paying off my debts, paying the 3-year amount on the credit cards and re-financed the house on a 15 year mortgage.  Because of my dental bills the last couple of years of work have been wiped out and I had to cut back to the minimum, forever payment on the credit cards, property taxes and homeowner’s insurance raised the mortgage a hundred bucks a month.  So, I’d started to feel like there was no end in sight.  At the same time my old Fords were sitting neglected in the driveway, all needing minimal work, but no repair money in sight.  I thought about selling off the Fords rather than just letting them sit there and rust away, but then I realized that as much as I loved the Subaru, it would be a lot easier to replace in the future than any of the Fords, and other than the convertible with the dead transmission, a few hundred bucks will bring them to the same level of reliability as the Subaru.

So I made the decision, and as anyone who knows me, when it comes to cars, once the decision is made I don’t like to drag it out too long, either buying or selling.

Now I can get on with the task of getting rid of those monthly debt payments, fixing up the old Fords and, eventually, getting me a newer Subaru.

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A Paperback Writer said...

Much easier to replace a contemporary car than a vintage one, and since those Fords are dear to your heart, and the Subarui is, well, just a Subaru, I'm sure the Subaru was the car to sell if one had to go. Besides, you're less likely to need the snow-power for a few months now anyway.