Saturday, January 29, 2011

Miscellaneous Stuff

I was at the grocery store buying the ingredients for my world famous spaghetti sauce.  Ok, it’s not world famous, but it’s pretty good.  I spent a decent amount of time in the produce section, really good sauce requires the fresh stuff.   I was making my second round through, looking to see if there was anything I was missing, when this little old lady (who had been there the whole time) says that from what she saw me buying she could tell I was a good cook, and that she was wondering why I chose the white onions over either red or yellow.  I explained that I liked them better because the other onions are a lot sweeter, and that with the tomatoes I preferred the less sweet onions.  Now, usually a trip to the grocery store is tedious and boring, but this one little 3 minute encounter made it somewhat enjoyable.  It’s not very often people you don’t know at all will feel comfortable taking up a couple minutes of your time for a little advice, all too often people are in such a hurry that it would be met as an imposition.  To me, even if I were in a hurry, I don’t mind sacrificing a couple minutes for a little pleasant human interaction.

If you’re not a Trekkie, or at least know some Star Trek lore, and you haven’t seen Galaxy Quest, you may not get this.  Today I was, once again, watching the movie Galaxy Quest while making my spaghetti sauce and was reminded of one of the more subtle ironies of the movie.  At the end, when ‘Lobster Head’ proceeds to shoot everyone on the bridge, the one and only crew member of the Starship Protector that does not get shot is Guy.  The irony is that this character is a parody of a Star Trek extra, generally the first one to get killed in any episode, and he spends the movie worrying about when and how he is going to die.  Funny movie.  If you either love or hate Star Trek, it’s a must see.

And finally, thanks to everyone for their concerns about my dental issues this last couple of weeks.  I’m still feeling a little tired from yesterday’s root canal and laser deep cleaning, but am definitely well on the way to recovery. 


Karen S. said...

I love having conversations with older folks...they have so much to offer, and have you ever noticed the sparkle in their eyes once they get going...a great story Max and as you described her I could just see her observing you and she was probably impressed just watching you make your surely made her day as well! My family are Star Trek junkies...I on the other hand still rank Lost IN Space as number one...maybe because I'm also a Lassie Fan!

Max said...

Lost in Space - I loved that series too. I been a science fiction fan for quite a while.
I really do enjoy those little chance encounters with strangers, whatever their age. Just connecting with someone on a basic human level, no matter how fleeting.

Jeff said...

I love Galaxy Quest! Such a gem.