Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And the award goes to…..

Yup, my blog got an award.  It’s an award that is given from one blogger to another (so there’s no panel I had to buy off) just as a way of showing how much you appreciate the other’s blog.  Alexia, of dreaming of open seas gave me this one, and frankly I was honored.  We discovered each other’s blogs through the Thematic Photographic series, and have been followers ever since.

Part of this deal is I get to share 7 things about myself.  So, here they are, although some of you may know some of these already.

  1. I’ve owned 26 Fords in my life, which is just shy of half of all the vehicles I’ve owned.
  2. I’ve taught in 5 different schools stretching across the entire valley and all socio-economic levels.
  3. I’ve taught 4 completely different subjects. (Math, Stage Design, Computers and Psychology).
  4. I owned a pizza place that went belly-up in 6 months.
  5. I don’t own a full sized fridge, although I have a full sized kitchen.
  6. I originally entered college to become an architect.
  7. I spent a year in Europe when I was 10, getting there and returning by ocean liner.

I also get to pass this award on to other blogs that I really like, but I’m beginning to fall asleep so I’ll do that another time.  Sorry to keep you waiting.


Carmi said...

I'm so happy for you! It's always a joy to see good folks recognized for being as good as they are. You're the real deal.

Karen S. said...

Oh YOU SO DESERVE THIS AWARD! But more than a stylish me you always make me smile, or fall to the floor in laughter!...and when you're not being silly, you offer info that's very interesting stuff! You and Writer share great trips with us too! Love your banter with her.....and lastly Max if you're not blushing enough already You make me want to take better pictures! Congrats!

Max said...

Karen - Ok, now I need to widen the front door so I can get my ego out to go to work tomorrow. But seriously, I'm glad that you get some good laughs here, and I'm glad that our virtual paths have crossed. Your blog is equally deserving, I've enjoyed all the pictures and experiences you've shared. Here's to many, many more....

A Paperback Writer said...

Max, I knew about everything but the oceanliner. That's very interesting.... how fun.

If you think we banter on the blog, you should see us when we get together in person and have an audience to entertain! :)

Perhaps it'd be good to mention that Max and I used to teach at the same school. One year we were even next door to each other. We've stayed buddies, and we do like to go on phototrips, so we occasionally do that together.
Speaking of which, Max, we need to to another little Koday journey soon. Where shall we go?

Karen S. said...

Okay did I mention you can also make me blush too! Thanks! ;)

Max said...

I'm contemplating for this summer a "In Search of Cool Old Abandoned Buildings" tour. We could start right in the valley here.

A Paperback Writer said...

Not a bad idea. But I have no clues where to start -- except for that one outside of Red Butte Garden.

Max said...

Ahh, we just gotta look around the city. I've seen some here and there in my travels. But we could start at Red Butte.