Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lunch curves

Kids are weird.  In the middle of winter they dress like it’s summer, and then complain that it’s too cold in my classroom.  In the summer they wear their hoodies and complain the classroom is too hot. Although in their defense (at least for the ones who dress reasonably) since we don’t have air conditioning, often in the fall and summer it really does get intolerably hot.
Regardless, they will still choose to go sit at the benches outside to eat their lunch, even if they have to pack down the snow to get to them.  I took these pictures of the snow packed, circular (curved) lunch tables one evening after a dance concert I helped with.  I was amazed to see that the kids would be all but sitting, and literally standing, in the snow for lunch.  Lunatics.


Karen S. said...

Of course I would rather be outside too really...and standing and running in place to keep warm! ...and let me guess their lunch consisted of cold items or things of potato chip form right? Nice photos too BTW!

Alexia said...

Oh it looks so bleak and bitter! But they're kids, so... it doesn't matter if they're cold, as long as they're hanging out. Together.

Jeff said...

They will wear shorts to school even in the fifth grade. It's bizarre. I'm pretty sure it's for the attention they get. I saw a kid running barefoot through the snow yesterday--not a quick dash done on a dare, but legitimately running like a runner. Of course he had a smug grin on his face while doing it, so there you go. Come on, guys. Common sense.