Monday, January 03, 2011

Corner of 4th & Main

Don’t ask me what 4th & Main have to do with it, but this is the corner of my property, taken from a cherry picker I rented to remove some trees in my back yard.  Before we were done I had to take it up as high as I dared and take a few pictures.  I only had the guts to extend it about ¾ of what it is capable of, and that put me eye-to-eye with the top of the power pole in the corner there.  I like this picture because it gives you an idea of how high up I got. 


A Paperback Writer said...

This may be number one on the list of jobs I would never have.
Then again, sewer worker is a close second.

Karen S. said...

Nice trees....and is this a photo of what it looks like right now today...all that greenery??? It's marvelous!

Max said...

Writer - ahh, it wasn't that bad. The scariest part was leaning over the edge of the basket holding a running chainsaw and trying to cut in a way the branch doesn't come back at ya. But I left those really hard ones for my little brother. (Just kidding)
Karen - I'm sorry to say that those were the trees I removed. I've been moving over to more xeriscaping in my yard to save water.

A Paperback Writer said...

No, Max, Karen means she wonders if the weather looks like that right now.

Here, Karen, lemme answer that one for ya: NO. It's been a robust 17 degrees outside for the last couple of days. It doesn't look like that at Max's house or anywhere within 100 miles of Max's house.