Friday, January 14, 2011

One of those days at the Chevron.

If home is ‘now’, the year 2011, then this picture qualifies for ‘far from home’.  Not because the picture is an old picture, but because there seemed to be a rip in the time-space continuum, and a kid from the 1980’s fell through.  In the picture he’s holding it down by his side as he waits his turn at the register, but when he walked into the store it was blaring loudly and balanced on his shoulder.  Yes, a boom box.  Next week I’m going to ask my classes if anyone knows what one is, my hypothesis is that is will be few since even Walkmans were out of style when they were born. Earlier in the evening my coworker was ringing up a gallon of milk and the I.D. check that pops up for tobacco and beer appeared.   Without even thinking he looked at the lady (in her 20’s) and asked her for her I.D.  She looked at him like he had monkeys flying out of his ears.  It was pretty funny, but not funny enough.  I sent a text to the manager to let her know;
I guess you now have to be 21 to buy the 1% milk.  Seems it was put into the computer as alcohol.  Now we don't want to fail the milk sting so we've been everyone who buys milk.  Got some surprised customers, especially the 17 year old we refused to sell it to.
I got back this;
LOL! Laura was supposed to fix that! Will you write down the UPC for me and put it on my door? Hahahahahaha!
Man, I can’t even fool someone I hardly ever work with.


A Paperback Writer said...

Most of my students had portable CD players as young kids, but not the kind in the picture. The thing he's carrying is a genuine ghetto blaster from the late 80s -- and he's dressed ghetto to go with it.
Dude, where's Marty McFly?

Now, the milk thing cracks me up. Thanks for my humor very early on a Saturday morning. (Yes, academic team has practice today.....)

Karen S. said...

Oh this is funny about the milk thing...I'm still laughing actually....and I am so happy that the boom boxes aren't greeting us everywhere we go anymore!

Max said...

Yeah, now the only ones being deafened by their music is themselves.

Carmi said...

The technologist in me absolutely loves how eras are defined by the things we carry and use. I can usually pinpoint the year a movie was made by carefully assessing the gidgets and gadgets in use by the characters. Loads of fun - and now I pine for my long departed ghetto blaster.

Seriously, I do! I have a couple of cassettes I need to copy into MP3 format...and no cassette player in the house. Oops.