Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ode to my cat.

.... It was brought to my attention, thanks to a thread on Writer's blog, that I seem to rarely mention my cat here. Don't expect that to change. I love her and all, but, as Writer so aptly put it, I don't dote on her. So, here's my cat post:

.... My cat's name is Gata, which is spanish for female cat. A wise person once said "why name something that doesn't come when you call its name?" At one time I had a Russian Blue that I named Koshka, which is Russian for cat. Anyway, Gata is about 13 years old, yet so small that everyone mistakes her for a kitten. I got her because I prefer a cat in the house to mice in the house, and when my previous cat decided she preferred the field I used to live next to more than me and ran away, I developed a bad case of mouses in the houses. My roommate at the time was dating a woman whose parents lived on a farm in Fairview, Utah, and allowed their cats to roam, and breed, indiscriminately. They also lived right on Highway 31, so it was not uncommon for a cat to just stop showing up at home. So, my roommate just grabbed one of their kittens at random when he was up there and brought her here. I, of course, got her fixed so that I wouldn't have indiscriminant kittens roaming around. The rest is history. 
.... And here's the requisite pictures:
Gata, relaxing on my clothes
Gata, relaxing on a chair
She has this habit of tucking her head under her when she sleeps
and she loves to bring me little presents
this is one of the few pictures where she has a collar on.  it lasted about 2 months before she figured how to get it off and lost
she really likes sleeping on my clothes
this was before I remodeled the bathroom, I'd broken the top to the toilet and she thought it was her watering hole
she really, really likes sleeping on my clothes
awww, how cute.
Ok, there we go, my cat post. 
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The Gearheads said...

Beautiful cat, but does she ever sleep on your clothes?

A Paperback Writer said...

What? No Halloween costumes?
And since Gata's a female, maybe she's just trying to tell you to pick up your clothes.....

A Paperback Writer said...

Oh, and on the naming of cats (oh, great, now I've got that song stuck in my head...), I agree. The cat I had growing up was supposed to be named Gandalf originally (it was grey), then Ralph. But neither name stuck. We called it Cat most of the time and Ugly the rest. Since it was the color of dryer lint, both names worked great.

Jannx said...

This was a thoroughly enjoyable post to read (and view). You have a very cute cat. Thanks for sharing.

Max said...

Gearhead - just a little bit. When I take clothes out of the dryer I have to put them in a room she doesn't have access to. If I don't and go to move the wash to the dryer, she's usually sleeping on top of them by the time I get done.
Writer - At frist that's what I thought, but she gets a little upset when I try to clean up the clothes from under her. Loved your story of the names. I think I'm going to name the two cats I get when Gata is gone eine and zwei (one and two in German).
Jannx - thanks. I kinda like her, and she does keep the mice out of the house.