Friday, July 31, 2009

New Neighbors, Old Powers and Dumbass Stores.

.... Looks like they sold the house next door, so I'm going to be getting new neighbors.  At this point, this is neither good nor bad, I like the neighbors I have now but I don't know the new ones so I'll just have to wait and see.
.... I've lost my special STS powers, they took them away.  Three years ago when I became an STS they gave me an administrative login for the school I was at.  They also, accidentally, gave me the same access to the school I was at right before.  I let them know, and for some reason they couldn't figure out how to un-link me from the Jr. High.  Then when they linked me to my new school (the one that rhymes with schmeisenhower) I had administrative access to all three schools.  Which meant that I could do all kinds of things, including seeing what classes everyone at the schools was teaching, and who was in their classes.  Not all that interesting, but it made me feel powerful.  Of course it also meant that to get to my own grades I had to login, choose the school, click on 'staff', scroll down to my name, click on it and then click on the class I wanted to do grades and/or attendance for.  Yesterday I logged in and it went straight to my classes.  No other schools, no list of staff, no extra-human powers.  Not bad, since it cuts getting to things down from four clicks to one, but, man, I used to be powerful.
.... Imagine a Ford dealer that didn't have a parts or service department.  Would you go there, or go down the street to the one that could help with the upkeep of your new Ford?  I bought a light switch from Home Depot that automatically turns on and off my outside lights at dusk and dawn.  Without the battery I can't even turn them on manually so when it died I went down to Home Depot to get a new one.  Couldn't find one at the store on 33rd So, and when one of their guys couldn't find one either, he suggested I go to the one on 21st So, since the 33rd is one of the smallest stores and 21st is one of the biggest.  So, I did.  Lotta good that did, they don't carry replacement batteries for that item, which they sold me in the first place.  Maybe Radio Shack will, or they suggested some place that specializes in batteries down on 33rd So and 2nd East.  Dude, replacement batteries for something you sell, it's a simple concept.
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A Paperback Writer said...

Ah, the loss of power. So sad.
I sympathize with you; I like power too. I think most teachers do.

jmpnmark said...

Did I forget to mention that YC and myself bought the place next door?

We'll be sure to invite you to all our Farm Animal Friday events.

Also, please don't replace that light. The darker the neighborhood is the better it is for us.

Max said...

So you and YC are the couple that is moving in next door, eh? I never knew you two had a son, until now.