Sunday, July 26, 2009

And I thought Chevron was bad.

.... Heard this striaght from my friend who is a night manager at the Sugarhouse Liquor Store, they have it on video.
.... Older man is standing by one of the wine racks.  He places a hand on the rack and starts to grimace.  For about a minute or so. The grimace goes away, he stands up, shakes his leg.  Something brown drops out the bottom of his pants and he kicks it under the wine rack.  He walks away.
.... I kid you not.  This is not an urban legend, my friend did not hear it from a friend who heard it from his brother-in-law's uncle's cousin's dog's best-friend's owner.  My friend saw the video himself.
.... Makes me glad I only have to clean up after people who throw bottles and cigarette butts mere inches from the trash.
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