Monday, July 18, 2011

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Last night I had a light supper, 4 laxatives and an Olympic sized pool of water.  All I’ve had all day today is water, water and chicken broth.  And more laxatives.

About 5 PM my swamp cooler* sucked in all the smells of a class A barbeque.  My house, full of the smell of perfectly seared beef.  And me, with a stomach full of nothing but liquids.


Next time, I schedule my colonoscopy in the winter.

*For those of you in more humid areas, the swamp cooler is basically a huge fan on the roof of my house that sucks in outdoor air through wet pads to cool off the house.  When I moved out to Utah from Massachusetts and heard this, I thought “You put MORE water into the air?”


The English Teacher said...

Of course, it's so bloody humid right now that the swamp coolers aren't worth much.
Sorry about the torture of the smells, though. I get that all the time where I live.
Best of luck with tomorrow's procedure.

Max said...

Fortunately it's working just good enough to keep the house from getting intolerable, and on vent, it's just perfect for the nights.
And thanks for the wish of luck.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

I remember swamp coolers from living out here, they worked real well most of the time and sure saved on the electric bill. Doesn't work here in GA though it is so humid the inside vent in the ceiling drips water when the air is on. Yuck, but I'm still grateful for the air how they lived here before that is beyond me.
Johnina :^A

Max said...

I remember many a hot night growing up in Mass, we had only one, in-window, air conditioner in our house and it was in the kitchen or living room. I love the swamp cooler, cheap and works 90% of the time here.